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I groan loudly and force myself to get up.

I managed to find my school uniform which resulted in a plain white shirt and a plaited grey skirt (that was way too short for my liking) along with some white knee socks.I made my way downstairs grabbing my jumper and shoes and hurried out the door,finding my mother waiting impatiently in the car.

“I asked you to be down here 10 minutes ago,youre going to be late!” She shouted at me.

“Sorry” I huffed and stared out the window.

When we reached the school gates she told me that she will be leaving again to go to some business trip which didn’t surprise me.I got out the car and slammed it shut.

I mentally prepared my self for the next six hours of hell. 19

As I was late on the first day back I thought I might aswell take my time and go to the toilet and try my best to fix my appearance but I think I just made myself look worse.

The bell rang indicating it was time for the first lesson.

So I made my way to class and sat down in a seat at the back.

I suddenly heard a bunch of giggles and squeals coming from the girls as a tall figure made it’s way to the front of the class.I just rolled my eyes at the sight of these desperate girls.I turned my attention to this man to see what all the fuss was about and I wasn’t going to lie he was drop dead gorgeous.

He had dark features and his dark curly brown hair was pulled back with a few loose strands framing his sharp jawline covered in the right amount of stubble.

He wore a tight white shirt which didn’t leave much to my imagination.

“Morning class,My name is Mr.Styles and i will be your english teacher from now on so i hope we will get along and that I will get to know all of you by the end of this term.” He clasped his hand together.

“…Now I will do the register and when I call out your name I want you to tell me something about you,it could be as simple as your favourite colour or something you enjoy doing”.

He started from the top of the register and everyone seemed to have something to say,whereas my mind went completely blank. I was right at the bottom so I had to try and think of something.


“Rosaline? Rosaline White? are you here today or not?He called out slightly irritated.

“..oh yes..sorry sir” I replied quietly.

“Is there anything you would like to tell us about yourself mrs.white?” He questioned.

“Erm…nope can I pass?” I looked straight at him,he chuckled and told me it was alright and then began the lesson.

It dragged on and the next thing I knew my eyes were getting heavy and I slowly dozed of on my desk.

I woke up to see that everyone had already left and mr.

Styles was crouched down to my level with a grin plastered across his beautiful face.He smelled so good and i just wanted to bury myself into his chest.

Right I need to stop with these unholy thoughts.

He carefully tucked my hair behind my ear and I slowly sat up.Still unsure of what was going on.

“Now what am i going to do with you?…you’ve slept through my whole lesson,am I really that boring?” he joked while smiling at my confused face. 11

“Shit really!?Shit sorry,fuck…I’m so sorry”.He laughed and shook his head.

“Mind your language love,and don’t make a habit of this”.

“Don’t worry I won’t,i guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night”.this is the truth,I was binge watching rick and morty.

“Oh well I’d prefer if you didn’t sleep in my lessons” He said as I grabbed my bag making my way towards the door. He grabbed my arm which caused heat to rise in my body,I turned round to see his beautiful hazel green eyes.

My knees were weak.

What was wrong with me! 1

“Rosie…next time I’m not going to let you off that easy” he warned with a smirk and let go of my arm.

What did he mean by that?

“I-I’m sorry it won’t happen again” I found my self rushing out the door and heading to my next lesson.

The day carried on,I spent most of my lessons daydreaming and spent lunch outside with max.

Max was a guy who I could be around and not completely hate.He was know as the ‘bad boy’ in school,he was always in trouble and always stoned.

We sat in the carpark behind the school and he pulled out two joints.

“Seriously Max in school?” I laughed.

“What? its a special occasion”he said seriously.

” What’s the occasion?”I asked.

“Its the first day back” he pointed out as if it was something that should’ve been obvious to me.I just laughed and took the joint as he whipped out his lighter and lit both them up.

A few minutes later we were stoned while sitting there laughing at something that wasn’t even funny.He got up and told me he is going to take a piss and left,leaving me all alone in this concerning state.

“Rosaline?” i heard my name being called,I recognise the voice being Mr.Styles’.He started walking towards my direction.

Shit where’s Max? I thought,

I’m probably going to get excluded on the first day back!Just great.

“Rosie what are you doing here?” He asked. I tried my best to pretend I wasn’t high but he knew probably knew as there was a strong smell lingering around me.

“I’m just sitting here” I replied acting as innocent as I could.He looked at me strangely and then stupidly i burst out laughing causing him to furrow his eyebrows.

“Rosaline…” he gave me a stern look.

“Are you high?” He asked.

“N-no I’m not” shaking my head up and down.Damm it I think he knows.

He crouched down to my eye level and grabbed my face inspecting it very closely.My eyes met with ones that i could drown in if i wasnt too careful and I was suddenly filled with this weird feeling I couldn’t explain.

why was he making me feel like this?

its probably just the weed right?

Your eyes are all red and do you expect me to ignore the rancid smell ?!” He said and shock his head disappointedly as he stood up.

“Come with me” he demanded as he gestured me to follow him.As we walked in silence back into school i saw Max and he suddenly realised what was going on and he mouthed sorry and gave me an apologetic look.

We reached a room which I’m guessing was his office; it had grey walls and a basic black desk with chairs on either side of it.He gestured me to sit down on the seat in front of his desk and leaning on the side of it with his arms crossed.

“So…smoking illegal substances on the school premises,really?”He stated the obvious.

“Err..Yeh..well technically you weren’t meant to catch me in the act but…you did”.I replied honestly

“Rosaline… “He furrowed his eyebrows while giving me a stern look.” You know I could go straight to the headmaster and we will see what he has to say about this”.He threatened.

“Then why don’t you?”.

“I don’t want you to get excluded on the first day back ,but you’ll have to spend the next two weeks in detention after school with me to make up for it,maybe it’ll even teach you a lesson or two”.He smirked

“What that so unfair!” I shot back

“Rosie,you will do as I say and don’t raise your voice at me,your in enough trouble as it is” he warned me.

“Fine.” I sighed while rolling my eyes.

“Good so I will see you tonight” he winked.

I was about to walk out the door when he grabbed my elbow and turned me around. He needs to stop doing that.

“…and Rosie never roll your eyes at me again or you’ll regret it” He looked both serious and intimidating.I just nodded my head and made my way out.

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