Episode 1

I planned settling down maritally at the age of 24.

Before I continue, my name is Adejumo Adenike. I had a friend, Darasimi (of blessed memory).

Hmm, I can’t forget her roles in my life. Though…

Just follow me closely.

Few months after our graduation, I was posted to serve in Kogi state. Darasimi was also posted to Abia state. Despite the fact that we weren’t present together physically, our connection was still strong.

Throughout our days in University, God really helped us. We both kept ourselves for God. We were determined to do God’s will and that really helped us to scale through a lot of distractions in the campus world. We were good ambassadors of God.

Hmm, before we could say “jack”, our service year came to an end.

My friend and I began to hunt for jobs. We submitted our CVs to organisations.

Before I know it, my friend was employed while I was still in desperate search for a job.

For months, I couldn’t get a white coller job as an Accountant though I had a petty business.

It got to a stage, I began to question myself. “Why am I not getting employed?”

To be candid, I was frustrated. I started questioning God.

I submitted my CV to a particular organisation. Lo and Behold, I met someone who happened to be my neighbour in one of our rented apartment some years back.

We were so happy seeing each other again.

“Bayo!!!” I screamed

“Nike!! So this is you?” he shouted.

I told Bayo I needed a job desperately. Infact, I pleaded with him to help me against all odd to get the job.

“I am a manager in this organisation, so you are already employed dear” he said.

I believed him. I felt God was using him for me.

We exchanged numbers.

Some days after our meeting, I received a message in my mail. I was shortlisted to sit for an examination.

Infact, I was extremely happy.

He called on a fateful night, telling me to visit him in his house in order to put me through how to go about my forthcoming examination.

Of a truth, I was so eager to visit him so that he could put me through. All I wanted was job.

On getting to his house after few minutes, he started acting funnily. I was at first trying to coordinate myself but when his hands started touching the odd places, “there is fire on the mountain” starting to ring in my ears.

Reader, you don’t need to blame me. I know I made a mistake in my life by going to his house (alone). But desperation for job led me there.

“I thought you said you want to put me through somethings, why are you touching my breast?” I managed to ask.

Nike, you think getting a job in this organisation is that easy? Ladies must rub our backs before any one can be employed.

I opened my mouth that refused to close because I was really shocked.

” Are you ready to sleep with me?” he said as he continued

Just once Nike. I mean once!! I have really been admiring you when we were living in the same compound some years back. At least, it is not bad if I can have a taste of you.

You’re a full grown woman, so this should not be new to you. I know you have been doing it with your boyfriend. At least let me also taste you. Just once Nike.

I couldn’t believe what was coming from his mouth.

“Where are you coming to?” I said as he was almost gripping me.

I took my bag, heading straight to the door. But…..

The door was locked.

I know I have entered one chance.

What really happened? Was he able to sleep with me?

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