Episode 3

I told Darasimi everything that transpired in Bayo’s house but her response threw me off balance.

I thought she was going to be sympathetic. Instead, she started blaming me.

“Nike, I thought you said you were looking for job. The Bible even made us to understand that my people perish for lack of knowledge. You are in desperate need of a job and yet, you cannot apply wisdom just for once.

Bayo promised to help you to secure a joy with fat salary and you dulled yourself. Can’t you do what he asked you to do. At least sleeping with him just once and that’s all, and you get the job.” Dara said

” Sis Dara, are you the one saying all these” I asked. On a more serious note, I was shocked beyond measure.

“Yes, I am the one” she replied.

“Sis Dara, remember you were the assistant sister welfare coordinator back then when we were in school. How could all these utterances proceed out of your mouth. So you want me to sleep with a man just to secure a job.

God forbid!!

Or….Was that how you got your job Darasimi?” I asked.

“Nike, you’ve got to apply wisdom to the issue on ground. Look at it, you’ve spent close to a year hunting for jobs and yet you’re still jobless. Nothing to show forth. I just pray you will not die jobless” Dara said trying to avoid my question.

I was still shocked with her response. I couldn’t control myself. I was forced to ask if she really slept with her boss before she was employed. This question made her flared at me.

“What do you mean Nike… How can you say that?” she replied angrily.

“OK, I’m so sorry for asking. Forgive me for stepping on your nerves” I pleaded.

“OK dear” she said and we went back to our normal selves.

“Nike, I have a gist for you” Dara broke the silence.

Tell me about the gist.

“Bro Dele (keyboardist in our campus fellowship back then in school) proposed to me and I said a big yes to him” she said

“Wowwwwww!!!” I screamed. Ore mi(my friend) , I am so happy for you.

Nike, the God that did mine will do yours for you.

“Hmmm, amen ooo, but job first” I replied.

After my discussion with her, I received a message.

A message from Bayo.

The message read thus:

You told me you desperately needed a job, and I tried helping you but it is quite unfortunate that you are not ready to be employed. What I asked from you is not a big deal. I just asked you to sleep with me once and you will get the job. Well, because you failed to do my biddings, I will make sure I make your efforts fruitless. I will really frustrate you. If you don’t want to be frustrated, the door of mercy is still open for you, though you will have to sleep with me twice. From Bayo.

“Hmmm, what kind of nonsense is this” I shouted after reading the message.

I later decided to inform my sister about my ordeals with Bayo so far.

She really encouraged me not to give up on God. She told me not to sell myself cheaply because of job. Infact she made me to understand that God has great plans for me and it doesn’t require me sleeping with men in exchange of job.

I forwarded the message to Dara. Not quite long, she texted me on WhatsApp, encouraging me to sleep with Bayo just to get the job.

I told her my mind was fixed and no turning back.

Yes, the day for the exam came, I wrote what I could, to the best of my knowledge, but….

I was not employed.

I felt bad. I cried.

God assured me that he has a great plan for me.

Along the line, my eyes were opened to a business.

I ventured into the business, and gbammmmm!!! I began to make cool cash from the business. The need for job waned. I became self employed.

After 6 months of starting my business, I received an unexpected message which made me scream so loud.

What actually happened?

Was it a good message or bad message?

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