Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Dad passed away several years ago in an accident, and mom really threw herself into the store, both marketing and selling, and was doing really well. As knew she was pushed, I volunteered to help.

The work wasn’t too bad, as mom usually kept me busy stocking, vacuuming, and taking inventory. I did notice after a while though that my mom’s friends would stare at me while I worked. And depending on the lady, this was not bad, as mom specialized in ‘active lifestyle’ clothes, which mostly brought rather attractive MILF-type customers that were rather fit.

At the end of one particular workday my mom told me to help bring several large boxes out to her friend Veronica’s car. Veronica was about mom’s age I guess, tall with blonde hair & very fit. Her face showed her age a bit, but she was still very attractive, and her tight clothes showed a killer body. I carried the box to the car like she asked me to. When we got to the car though Veronica asked me if I could come back with her and help bring them into her house.

I hesitated but figured my mother did tell me to help her friend & good customer, and she didn’t say I had to stop with just the car, & the promise of a tip was the real kicker. Veronica and my mom had been friends for a few years and I had been to her place a couple times before. I helped her bring the box up the stairs to her bedroom. I was about to leave when she said, “You know Billy I just got some clothing from your mom’s store and I could use a man’s opinion on them. Do you mind staying a bit longer and tell me what

you think?”

“Sure no problem.” I responded, and had a seat as directed.

After a few minutes, Veronica came out in a business suit, and a few pairs of pants, and lastly a nice and rather short dress that made my eyes pop out, and her smile. They all seemed fine on her and I told her that, trying to be polite and not mention that last one. With her last item, she walked out in a matching pair of red lacy bra and thong panties. She stood and posed like normal but this time I could not speak.

Veronica was a successful business woman & often at the shop, but now saw how gorgeous she was! My eyes traveled over her long shapely legs, a taught, nice stomach and large B breasts. She had a nice tan on her, with no signs of tan lines that got me thinking she likes to be out in the nude. She is almost six feet tall, and mostly because of her long legs. I couldn’t help looking them over, and staring into her olive green eyes framed by blonde hair.

“What do you think?” she finally said

“Well I um… you… its.” stammered

With a big smile she turned and bent forward. “Do you think it makes my ass look big?” The string to her thong was so thin I forgot she was wearing panties. Her ass was very sexy, and it honestly made me stiff.

“Not at all. You look incredible” I blurted out

“Thanks. I’m glad you think so. She retorted, with a smile.

“It’s hard not to think so.”

“I can see it’s hard.” Veronica said, motioning towards my crotch.

I look down and realize I have a raging hard on pushing against my pants. I crossed my legs and tried to hide t from her. “Sorry about that

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I find it a compliment, a young handsome man like you getting excited just from the sight of me in my underwear. I wonder what would happen if you saw me completely nude?”

I looked at her to see if she was kidding but she was already reaching behind and undoing her bra. She turned around and threw her bra over to the side. Then she slowly bent down and took her panties off, giving a good view of her pussy on the way down. She stood up and turned to me. As good as she looked in her underwear, Veronica was ten tirnes hotter nude.

Veronica walked over to me, “You know it’s not very fair having me be the only person with no clothes on. Why don’t we get you out of these constricting clothes. I want a better look at what’s so stiff.” She took my hand and stood me up. I was mesmerized as she took my shirt off and started undoing my pants. Once my pants were down my dick sprang up and out of my boxers. Veronica just looked at it for a second, “Damn, this is bigger than I expected. It’s going to have to be lubed up if you want to fuck me. take it you want to do that?”

“Heck Yeah!” I exclaimed.

Veronica smiled up at me as she knelt and swallowed my entire dick in one motion. She obviously knew how to suck a cock and she was showing me everything she knew. Her tongue swirled around my head as she rubbed my balls and jerked my shaft. Before even knew what was doing, I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock even farther down her throat as with a loud moan I unloaded, spurting my goo down her willing throat

When she was done milking my cock I looked and saw her lust filled eyes glaring back at me. Veronica let my cock slip from her mouth as she licked her lips. “That was great but you’re not getting out of here until I get a good long fuck.” She guided me to and pushed me, falling backwards on the bed. Veronica gave me a few hand pumps, then straddled my hips and gulded my dick into her opening.

Veronica teased me, rubbing the head up and down her moist slit. She moaned every time it came into contact with her sensitive clit. I actually think she was teasing herself more than me. When my head popped in her she started to move her hips back and forth. She had her eyes closed and was moaning as she just rubbed her Inner walls with my dickhead. It took all my control to not just shove everything I had into her and ram her like I wanted to.

She went down some more and took more of my dick. She stopped and rocked back and forth again. This continued for a few minutes. She’d lower a bit, forcing a few more inches of my hard dick inside her, stop and just rock. The feeling was incredible. Veronica finally hit bottom and she had me balls deep inside her.

I held her hips as she started to gyrate in circles. As she did this, her tits were moving closer and closer to my face. When a nipple came close enough I leaned my head forward and grabbed it with my mouth. She gave a tiny yelp as I started to lick and suck on her nipple. “Dammit Billy, that feels good, don’t forget the other one.” She said, then she added a tiny moan as I pumped into her Veronica began moaning louder now as I suckled one nipple a bit more before I moved to her other one. She kept gyrating as I sucked one nipple and continued to play with the other with my fingers. “Don’t stop now…” she said as I did so.

Veronica’s gyrating became faster and faster. Soon she was panting hard & digging her nails into my shoulder for support, and screaming, “Oh Billy yes, SHIT yes.” She then started to bounce up and down on my lap. No more slow and easy, she was shooting to kill. She would go up till only my head was in her then she slammed down with all her weight. I told her, “You like riding my dick?”

“Yes, I love to ride dick. Dammit Billy I love riding this dick.” If this didn’t feel so fucking amazing it would probably be the most painful thing in the world, with her jumping on my lap. For five minutes she is screaming “oh Fuck yes.” while partially trying to break both our pelvises as I pinched with her nipples.

Veronica was screaming & shaking when I lost all control and with out warning just shot a massive load deep in her body. After the first shot her eyes burst open and she looked into my eyes, “Yes Billy you keep that up-you put that cum inside me boy.” Her walls clamped my dick like a vice clamp.

She dug her nails even deeper into my skin, her face contorted and looking like she is trying to breath but couldn’t. After a minute of me filling her with more sperm than I thought my balls could hold my orgasm stopped, along with hers. Veronica sat on top of me, panting. Apparently she enjoyed the ride.

Veronica regained control of herself and went to the bathroom, while I just sit there stunned that I just fucked one of my mother’s friends. When Veronica came out she smiled at me and kissed me softly on the lips. “That was great. You don’t know how badly needed that. Did you enjoy that?”

“Did ever!” I replied.

Veronica smiled. “Well have an opportunity for you, Billy. You did a REALLY good job, so much so that I was thinking about ‘networking you with some friends. Would you be up for that?”

“Networking?” asked.

“Yeah. Basically some friends like myself. Some ladies with.. needs. It would be a good thing for you, me, and you mom’s shop.”


“Has your mom not told you that things are tight with the shop? Especially in this pandemic. But if you’d be willing to ‘play along. I’ve got a good idea that this could be profitable for all of us.”

“So mom knows?”

“No and yes,” Veronica replied. “I just basically told her I had some hours for you at my online support business. But I didn’t tell her about the types of calls you’d be making. And you’ll be making calls like this each week.”

“I. Umm…don’t know-“

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but you’ll be helping your mom, earning cash for yourself and of course I get my cut.”

Veronica had a seat beside me and said, “We’ll take it a step at a time. Talk to your mom, and then we’ll talk tomorrow, OK?”

At home mom gave me the story. Seemed the store wasn’t doing nearly as well as I thought, and we were financially on the very ragged edge. Veronica had made a generous offer to my mom for my ‘help’, and the kicker was that Veronica owned the location of mom’s shop, and agreed to hold back the rent in exchange for my work. In all honesty, it could be a hell of a lot worse, but it appeared had no real choice; the die had been cast.

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