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I shook my head and looked at my boss, who was staring down at her phone.

“Unfortunately, yes,” she said, sighing. “They canceled at the last minute.”

“Ugh,” I said. It had taken an hour on the subway, going from one end of town to another, to get to the business meeting. We had managed to get an early start and miss the bulk of the morning rush, but now it was getting well into the rush, and the thoughts of dealing with the ride back made me cringe.

I had been at this job for a couple years now, selling cloud services to businesses, and I had done well. The worst part of it, though-in the business world, salespeople are the lowest on the totem pole. Folks with “real jobs” had no problem with jerking us around. I had spent four years in college as a marketing major, driving myself into debt with student loans for this.

Megan, my boss, shrugged it off better than I did.

“Oh, well,” she said. “At least we had a nice ride on the trains today.” She gave a silly smile.

“Beats real work, especially since my boss knows I’m not out here slacking,” I shot back.

I liked my boss. She was fair, smart, and, had a great sense of humor. We bantered back and forth a lot, within the bounds of what was professional. It made working with her fun. She was friends with my older sister, Jesse, which was how I had gotten this job. I had known her for several years, even before I started the job.

Megan was easy on the eyes. She was perhaps six or seven years older than was I was just a couple years out of college – but she was a knock out. Pretty face, long blonde hair (now tied up in a business like braid), fit, slender but with just enough curves to notice. She went out of her way when she dressed for work to minimize her figure, but you could still tell she was built. One time I and she rocked the tights and sports bra.

But thoughts like that I kept at bay. She was my boss and, despite the fact that she was beautiful, I had to keep things professional. I needed this job and I felt like would be letting my sister down if got in trouble on a job she got for me.

We made our way back to the subway station. It had been busy when we got there, the platform was jammed now. I fell in behind her as we threaded our way through the mass of bodies to the edge of the platform, where we waited for the next train.

My boss was busily typing emails on her phone while kept a lookout for the next train.

“More bad news,” she said. “There’s a power outage at the office park, a cable cut. And the surge fried some of the equipment. It’s going to take awhile to get the juice back on. They’re telling people to work from home for the rest of the day.”

“Great,” I said. We had met at a subway station near the office with the expectation that we would be going back after the meeting. Now, in addition to the long ride on the crowded subway, I had a drive in rush hour traffic to get home. It just kept getting better.

Again, Megan seemed to be taking it better than me.

“Well, at least you get to work the rest of the day from home in your underwear if you want,” she said, smiling and laughing.

“As long as there are no video conferences,” I shot back.

“Or maybe if there are,” she laughed, peeking at me slyly from the corner of her eye.

I ignored her.

“No comeback?” she added.

We had had a good rapport up until this point, what could be the harm in a little light flirting, right? We were both professionals.

“Sure,” I finally said. “I will if you will.”

She laughed and smiled. “Deal.”

We crowded into an arriving train. There was a single empty seat next to the aisle and I let my boss have it while I stood nearby. The 277

crush of bodies pushed me so my side was against the side of the seat where she was sitting.

I looked over to the window of the train. We were in a tunnel so the window was dark and my own reflection looked back at me, my boss in the seat next to me. She was glued to her phone, But in the reflection let my eyes wander for a moment. Her blouse was gapped just right so I could see the curve of her breast and her white bra strap.

I had never taken visual liberties at work with her up until this point and I wasn’t going to start now. Megan was my boss. I forced myself to turn my eyes away from her and back to the front of the crowded train.

“They want to reschedule for Friday afternoon,” Megan said. “Does that work for you?”

“Yes.” I said, looking down.

She nodded, still not looking up. I let my eyes linger for a moment and noticed that the gap in her blouse was such that I could see the space between her breasts. I swallowed and turned back to the front of the train again. Inadvertently I caught the eye of someone standing in front of me, so I turned back to the side. Once again, my eyes found my reflection in the train window, and the growing gap in my boss’s blouse.

I felt a stirring in my slacks. This was not what I wanted. Not with my boss.

The train slowed as we came into the next station. The doors opened and more people piled in, pushing me closer to my boss. When the doors closed, the side of my hip was pressing against her shoulder.

My nerves were not helping my efforts to lose the budding erection. My only place to rest my eyes without coming into visual contact with other passengers was the window.

And in the window reflection, my eyes just automatically found the gap in my boss’s blouse. It seemed to have gotten wider. I could see the edge of her bra, and the gap between the bra cup and her breast. In fact, if I learned a little to the right might be able to see the edge of her nipple.

My hard-on was almost to the point where it would become noticeable. I was wearing slacks and boxer shorts, so there was little to restrain my growing erection.

“Jesus, Bryce, enough,” told myself silently.

The train hit a bump and the crowd shifted. A woman near me moved slightly to adjust her hold on the overhead bar, bumping against me and forcing me to move so my boss’s shoulder was now pressed against the front outside of my thigh. She was barely an inch from my hard on that was about to tent my slacks. I pushed backwards slightly and felt my arm pressing against the breasts of the woman next to me. Not helpfull

Megan leaned forward slightly to reach into her bag for her laptop. As she leaned back into her seat, her shoulder brushed the tip of my cock.

I swallowed hard and started calculating batting averages for the local MLB team. I had to think of anything except my boss’s body.

Megan didn’t seem to have noticed, and had her laptop open, typing away. I closed my eyes.

“I think want to change our presentation for Friday,” she said. “What do you think of this?”

I looked down at the computer screen and nodded. Without even trying, my eyes wandered back to the gap in her blouse. Was it getting wider? could definitely see her nipple.

“Stop!” I screamed at myself in my head.

The train slowed and even more people poured in. I had to adjust my position again. My half-erect cock was now only a couple inches from my boss’s shoulder. If anyone moved…

The train hit a bump, and a passenger behind me shifted, pushing me next to Megan. My semi-hard cock was pressed against her shoulder. I tried to shift backwards, but to no avail.

My boss seemed to take no notice, still typing away at the computer.

I wanted to move, I wanted to pull away, I wanted to get the hell out of there, but I was trapped.

Not helping the situation, the train swayed gently as it moved down the tracks. That motion caused my cock to rub against Megan’s shoulder.

She blithely kept flipping through her slide deck on her laptop, making tweaks here and there, seemingly not even noticing my meat pressing against her shoulder. There was no way she meat pressing against her shoulder. There was no way she couldn’t not know that my cock was against her upper arm.

“That’s better,” she said. Flipping the laptop closed and returning it to her case. When she leaned back in her seat, she pressed my cock partially between her shoulder and the seat back.

I stifled a groan. My slacks were now undeniably tented and partially squeezed between my boss’s shoulder and the seat. I looked down. Her blouse was gapped widely, and could clearly see the cute little suckable nipple inside her bra cup. And as the train slowly rocked, she rocked with it, squeezing my cock with each motion.

I had no idea what to do. There was nothing I could do. My boss was giving me a….a…what would you call this? A shoulder job? What the fuck ?

The train slowed. We were moving out of the city center. I hoped the train would start to empty soon, so I could move the fuck away and get my dignity back.

No such luck. More people poured in. My cock stayed wedged between my boss’s shoulder and the seat. The train swayed and my cock throbbed. I closed my eyes and tried to find some mental gymnastics or safe zen space that would take my mind away from the fact that my hot boss was surreptitiously stroking me off in a crowded subway car.

Above all eise, I didn’t want to unload in my slacks. They were light colored, and having jizz trickling down the inside of the legs would be obvious.

Another station. This time, thankfully, more people cleared out than entered. Even more thankfully, the person sitting on the other side of my boss moved out, opening the seat up. Megan preferred the outside, so I slipped past her and sat down, though when she stood up to let me in, she managed to shove her ass against my cock for one final thrill before we broke contact and made my way to the seat next to her.

I took a deep breath. Safe. I shifted my cock down my pants leg and stared out the window into the blackness of the subway tunnel. I cleared my mind. My cock began to come down from high alert.

Two stations passed in silence. We were past the city center and moving towards the suburbs. The train was emptying. Another station passed, and there were only three other people in the car.

“Look at this,” Megan said, reaching over with her phone to hold it in front of me. Probably leaning closer than she needed to, her hand only a couple inches from my still partially-erect member.

I looked at the email on her phone’s screen and commented on a couple of points. As talked, she lowered her hand until it was literally resting on my cock. The erection had managed to lose was coming back full force.

I finished the point was making and she nodded. She moved her hand back out of the danger zone, but not before pressing it against my cock one more time. As she moved her hand away, she slid it along the shaft under my slacks. Once, twice, three times. I almost came.

The rest of the ride passed in silence, and by the time we reached our station, I had managed to lose most of my hard on.

“Ill be online as soon as I get home,” I said, looking at the traffic app on my phone as I walked my boss to her car. “But it may take a while”

“Take your time, no rush,” she said, reaching for her car door. “I’m sure I’ll see you on camera at some point today…

I nodded and was turning to go, when she added”… in your underwear. Can’t wait for the subway ride Friday.”

She winked as she climbed into her car and sped away.

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