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Late 2014 I lived in Ajegunle area with my husband in a crowded compound popularly known as face me I face you building. I was known as Mama Henry and it were very few people that knew my real name Stella. I ran a flourishing restaurant business across the street which I used to support my jobless husband and kid. My husband Mike had really not been jobless when we married but lost his banking job two years after we married, since then he had been unable to get another job and so for the past five years I carried the family with the business he set up for me. Yes at first I had happily carried the family with the hope that he would get a job soon but as the years went by without any luck I became more frustrated than him and started developing some kind of resentment towards him. I felt he wasn’t trying hard enough and soon began disrespecting him, began taking decisions on my own and he never for once challenged me which embolden me the more. I guess he resigned himself to fate and endured anything I dished out to him.

That really was the reason we only had one child because I stopped giving him my body since a year after he lost his job and never allowed him to make love to me, he never complained. I never cared for his feelings. All I wanted was for him to get a job and support the family. I was tired of paying house rent, electricity bills, water bills, food stuffs , my son’s health and every bill all alone. My restaurant was booming but it seemed the money I made wasn’t enough due to the bills at home which always left me with little savings. Soon more restaurants opened in the area and the competition became stiff. A friend advised me to get girls from Calabar to serve me, according to her, men flock into restaurants where there are lots of young girls.

I took her advice and arranged for young girls to be sent to me. The girls soon arrived, we negotiated salary and they all started work, all four of them. I too stepped up with the way I dressed, I began dressing more seductively than necessary and it worked. Men rushed to my restaurant and I had customers every minute of the day. Majority came because of the girls and I freely allowed them to mingle with the men and do whatever business they could with a percentage for me.

Slowly my restaurant became a coded joint for other things apart from food and I was cashing out.

‘’madam the madam. You are looking so hot today’’ Alfred a bus driver teased one Sunday evening. I smiled as I served him. I had noticed how he always stared at me as if he undresses me in his mind. I knew he had lots f money because he drove night bus from Lagos to the east every other day.

‘’I will like us to hang out somewhere else’’ he boldly whispered as he paid for his food.

‘’you know I’m busy’’ I replied with a smile.

‘’I will pay for your time’’ he insisted.

‘’how much will you pay that I can’t make in my shop?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’I will give you N20000 for just two hours of your time. Let’s just hang out’’ he insisted while I silently stared at him as I pondered over his offer.

‘’okay tomorrow by 2pm’’ I finally agreed. His eyes lit up

‘’I will call and tell you where to meet me’’ he added and left while I imagined things to buy with the free twenty thousand naira.

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