Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Ten years of marriage with no fruit of the womb. Tears gushed down her face as she mourn her fate. Medically, she was certified fit and cable even her husband.

What then is the problem? She has visited many churches and drank even the undrinkable yet nothing. As she was weeping profusely, she lost consciousness and slumped down……

Her name is Chibuogwum .She was married to Osita.

They have stayed for ten years without bearing a child. Osita was a loving and caring husband who despite all odds stood by his wife and refused to marry another wife. He told people who were advising him to marry another wife or even impregnate someone so as to get an heir that he can never try that. They endured all and still stick together. He has tried all he could to make his wife stop over worrying herself but they were all futile. Whenever Chibuogwum tries to forget about her childlessness, one thing or the other will still remind her of that.

Osita came back home only to see his wife lying lifelessly on the ground. He shouted and tried everything possible to wake her up but all to no avail. He called his family doctor immediately and begged him to come save his wife.

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