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First Day Jitters
August 22nd, 2022
Salem Black
I’ve been a teacher for four years. I’ve taught every subject however this is my first year teaching second grade. I’ve taught sixth grade, fifth grade, tenth grade, and I’ve taught fourth grade.

All of my experiences have been good ones but somethings telling me this year is gonna be…interesting; interesting in a good way.

My alarm rang exactly at five-twenty-five leaving me an hour and five minutes to get ready. I, as a teacher, had to be at school by six-thirty but I’m usually there by six-o-five.

I like to be places early.

I poured my cat and dog their food into their respective bowls, gave them some water, and continued on with my morning.

I adopted my cat, Binx, when I was fresh out of college. She was- and still is- my best friend. Now my dog, Beast, I got a little over a year ago. He’s shy which is pretty ironic considering his name…

I love them both and I’m not sure what I’d do without either of them. Probably die. A bit dramatic? Yes, but it’s true.

Binx purred and Beast barked, both animals showing me their gratitude.

I went outside to warm up my car and grab my morning mail. It was just some bills which is boring but being an adult is boring!

I wanted to make myself breakfast at home but I needed to do some serious grocery shopping so I decided to just get something to eat on the way.

Thank god for McDonald’s!

My outfit (that I picked out last night) consisted of a white turtleneck, some black overalls, a white cardigan, and some white heels.

Can you tell what my favorite color is?

Continuing on with my morning I put everything I needed into my bag. ‘Everything’ being a fuck ton of chargers, snacks, and papers.

I was ready to go but I had to wait for Binx and Beast to finish eating so they can head out the door with me. They had pet daycare today which took away some time but it’s okay. It’s not their fault.

They finished up so after getting them into the car safely, I began our long ass drive. The drive isn’t really that long I’m just dramatic and impatient.

After dropping my babies off I raced to the school. I’m just going to have to DoorDash my breakfast.

I arrived at the building at six-twenty-two. Eight minutes to spare. I ordered my food while I was in the car so by the time I was finished setting up my classroom, it would be here.

I’m so smart. Well yeah, I would hope so. I am a teacher…

I greeted the office ladies, checked my mailbox, and then walked to my classroom. It was quite spacious. Not too big but not too small. It was just right.

I placed my things on my desk and finished what I couldn’t yesterday.

What I couldn’t finish was the welcome bags I made for my students. It was something small just some goldfish, two pencils, an eraser, a small sheet of stickers, and fruit snacks.

I do it every year for my students just to congratulate them for not being stupid and making it to the next grade.

I set them out on every desk then headed to the cafeteria where I would collect my students. The school sent out letters letting the kids know who their teachers were beforehand so they weren’t confused when they came in on the first day.

God I love my school.

Whilst I waiting for my students to arrive at my assigned table I saw one of my colleagues, Raven, chatting with her son, who just so happened to be one of my kids. How cool is that?

Raven wasn’t just my colleague though, she was my best friend, and probably my only friend. I’m not complaining I like keeping my circle small.

Because her table was a table away from mine I took a couple steps and tapped her shoulder.

“I believe you have my student.” I smirked.

“I was just giving him a little pep talk. Here you can have him.” Raven gently pushed her son, Rylee, towards me.

“Hi Salem.” Rylee smiled.

“Hello, Rylee, my dear. But remember when we’re in school you have to call me ‘Miss Black’ when we’re outside you can call me by my name.” I remind him.

I’ve known Rylee since he was in the womb, in fact he was actually my godson. I’ve known Raven since my freshman year of high school- I know, a long time.

“Sorry.” He frowned.

“No, it’s okay! We just have to remember where we are.” I said as I walked back to my table.

When we got back there was already two students sitting there talking to each other happily. I asked for their names and learned that they were Valentine and Rhodes.

Apparently Valentine and Rhodes has known each other “since before the dinosaur times.”

I sat there for a good fifteen minutes before I had my students line up. I was only missing two students but I assumed they were coming late and I didn’t want to keep the other twenty waiting so I said “fuck it”. I obviously didn’t say it in front of this kids, I said it in my mind.

When we returned to the classroom I had them find their names on the desks and take their things out of their backpacks.

I waited to take attendance in the event that one of the two that were out walked in. Instead we were going to go over the checklists I placed on their desks when we walked in.

We got to the third item, four folders, when there was a knock at my door.

Standing in the door was Mr. Coffee, one of the deans, a little boy, and a little girl. The little girl was gorgeous. Her hair was styled in two pigtails with bows that matched her outfit. And the boy’s hair was freshly cut.

“This is Halo Hanes and Atticus Grey.” Mr. Coffee spoke.

“Welcome, Halo and Atticus. I’m Miss Black.”

Mr. Coffee left so I showed the two to their tables and continued going through the checklist. After that I had them sit on the carpet so I could give them a small speech.

“I know since it’s the first day we all probably have the first day jitters but I promise you that you are in the safest hands in the school. Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself and then I’m going to call on you to tell me three things you would like for me and your classmates to know. My name is Miss Black, I’m twenty-six years old, my favorite color is white, I have a cat and a dog, and I’ve been teaching for four- almost five- years.”

I hand flew up so I allowed the child so speak their mind.

“You’re very old, Miss Black.” The child stared.

“That’s most certainly right, Avarice. How about you start us off.”

“My favorite color is red, I have two mommies, and a little brother.” She smiled.

She’s only seven or eight and she has more confidence than me. How’s that fair?

I had to sit through this twenty one more times but I made it out alive. We finished off the day doing the common things that are done on the first day and then they went home. I packed up, said goodbye to Raven and Rylee, picked up Binx and Beast and went home.

Today was very tiring but I can tell this is gonna be a good year. Maybe…hopefully.

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