Episode 1

The tears ran down his eyes as he forgot he was a man…he forgot he was supposed to be strong and act like a man.

But Osita could not. The thought of his wife,still in labour pains without any one to attend to her was overwhelming. He forgot to be a man as he walked under the hot sun hopelessly.

He has been turned down by two of his friends already. He stopped under a shade,and buried his face in his hands, cleaning his tears away only for more to rush.

“God…where are you! Where are you my God! Why have you forsaking Ifeoma your daughter and I?

Have we really sinned against you this much? Please send a helper o Lord…” Osita cried. He suddenly remembered a friend who sold motor parts in the street and decides to go to him…..to try his last luck.

Ifeoma’s cries rang out through the whole hospital as she held unto her stomach in pains. She shouted at the nurses to help her but they ignored her.

She was dying in pains and the baby was already near.

“Osita mu ooo! Where are you eeeh! God why are you doing this to me! Is this how I’m going to die?” Ifeoma cried as she knelt on the floor of the lobby.

People looked at her, feeling sympathy for her but none of them helped the woman.

Ifeoma crawled on the floor and held unto a nurse’s leg, crying out for help.
“Please…I’m dying! Help me!” Ifeoma cried. The pain was becoming too much for her to bear.

“Madam…I’m sorry but we can’t help you until payment is being made by your relatives. I’m sorry.” The nurse said and struggled out of Ifeoma’s hold.

Ifeoma began to sing in her teary voice but no one came to her rescue.

She managed to stand up, bending over as she left the lobby….. straight out of the hospital with her phone …hoping to contact Osita.

Just as he feared,the friend had turned him down. Osita was devastated as he walked in the road. He was already losing his mind as he walked like a ghost, unaware that his phone was seriously ringing.

Ifeoma was bending over and clutching her big stomach,beside an uncompleted building, dialling Osita’s number but no one was picking. Ifeoma cried and put a hand on her head as she dialled the number again.
Still no answer.

She felt the baby’s head hitting her Virgina and screamed…. pushing.
She stopped pushing when she saw she was making no progress and collapsed on the floor, looking around as she breathed life and death. Her phone slipped away from her hand.
She thought of finding somewhere secluded and have the baby herself.

“Osita….I’m dying..where are you?”

Osita was lost in his own world as he thought about how David,the husband to Ifeoma’s twin sister had turned him down,saying there was no money.

All efforts to reach Ijeoma proved abortive. Even though Ijeoma never liked her twin sister…she would have helped out this time around,right?

“Aahh…David…why?” Osita asked and walked into the express road without looking.
Those were his last words on Earth as an over speeding car threw him up in the sky and knocked him down.

His blood splashed around the road as people screamed.

He died instantly…with his eyes…opened wide at the wicked world.

His spirit rise up gently out of the body and stared around the world in shook. He stared at his in bloody body and at the people, shaking his head…. couldn’t believe he was gone.

No…no….no….no!! His voice echoed as he disappeared among the clouds.

“Aaaaaaaa!! Hmmmmm mm!!” Ifeoma cried as she groaned pushing out her baby. But she needed an extra hand to pull the baby and put it in order.

Ifeoma grabbed at her scattered hair, pushing again as blood poured out, around her leg.

Just then,a nurse rushed along kneeling beside her.

She has followed Ifeoma as she left the hospital for her conscience couldn’t allow her leave the woman to her problem.
“Madam! Oh my God! The baby’s head is out! Hey!! Esther,the nurse shouted as she held Ifeoma.

“Please… please…. help…me..” Ifeoma cried weekly. She was losing her breath.
“I will! I will!” Esther shouted as she looked around and saw an uncompleted building close. She helped Ifeoma up as they walked towards the building.

“Okay now…take a deep breath and when I say push….make sure you give it your best!” Esther said hurriedly as she looked into Ifeoma’s opened legs. She held her legs and shouted at her to push.

Ifeoma drew in a deep breath and pushed,her voice so loud and heavy..

The baby’s head finally came off and Esther smiled triumphantly, breathing in quickly as she shouted push again.

Ifeoma cried it and with hwr last strength,she pushed out the baby’s body and collapsed back in the floor of the uncompleted building.
“Yes! Yes! Madam…you…you did it!” Esther said as tears ran down her face as she stared at the lovely face of the crying little baby in her arms.

“Madam… it’s a baby girl….you have a baby girl!” Esther said, peering down at Ifeoma.

Ifeoma smiled up at the little infant and as she raised her hand to touch her baby, Ifeoma’s eyes widened as her breath seized. Her hand dropped back unto the floor. She tried talking as Esther called her but she couldn’t.

Before Esther could do anything more… Ifeoma’s eye lashes shut down as her body became limp.

“Madam?” Esther called.”Madam?” She called again but Ifeoma had stopped breathing….she was dead.

Esther put down the crying baby and bent over Ifeoma putting her ear in her chest.
“Jesus Christ!” Esther exclaimed as she moved back.

Ifeoma’s spirit rose slowly from her body as she stared down at her baby. She cried out blood as she disappeared.

Esther stared at the new baby,still covered in blood..on the ground and covered her mouth with her hand.

What was she going to do with the baby? The mother was dead….who is she going to take the baby to?

Should she take the baby home?
Esther went forward to carry the baby but backed off again. No! No!…she had a little son to take care of too…..but as she stood up to go…she knew she would never be able to leave the baby there.

She turned again to go.

Her innocent cries continued to touch her soul…the deepest part of her heart….and Esther saw herself…. going back…. going back toward the baby…with a flood of tears on her face………..

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