Episode 8

Liz, Stanley’s sister, the lady Arabel had mistaken for another, had come to beg her brother to push through with the wedding.

Stanley on his side wasn’t ready. He was confused on where his heart belonged. Was it with Helga? Or with the girl that was carrying his child?

He couldn’t bring himself to tell Liz what had transpired between them. He remained mute, asking instead why she chose to visit him.

“Wait what?” Liz was dumbfounded. “So I can’t visit my brother again?”

“Liz, why are you here exactly? I know you wouldn’t just come here unless—” he stopped and exhaled. “Did Helga send you?”

“She told me you two haven’t been talking,”

Stanley exhaled in a bid not to show his anger. “So she did?”

“S, why so stubborn? What has this girl done to you?”

“Look, Liz,” he said, not in the mood. “If we’re gonna talk about Helga right now you might as well leave.”

Liz gasped. “You don’t mean that?”

“Oh, I mean it just right!”

The blonde lady picked up her purse from beside. “You know, if Helga hadn’t told me anything I wouldn’t have come,”

“Well, you made the wrong choice coming,” Stanley said with shoulders shrugged. “And besides why do you care? This is my life… not yours!”

“This is for our family, Stanley! Our family!”

Stanley scoffed. “Family?” he knew how important family was to Liz. “So my happiness’ much less important?”


“No! No, I really don’t get this stuff about family. We’re already rich. Dad’s got the company. Mom’s living well. Why do I still have to go on marrying some girl I do not even love?”

“There’s no such thing as love!” Liz shot, having failed twice.

“No, you’re wrong!” Stanley opposed. He knew how hurt she was when her first man left on their wedding day. Liz almost killed herself, he could recount. Telling her he didn’t want the wedding anymore… in front of everyone, left her broken to the extent she wanted to end it all. Then she met Walter, who ended up doing worse.



Stanley chuckled a little. “Well,” he said, “I do appreciate the concern but this is my life. I can take good care of myself.”

Liz heaved a sigh and got up, having heard enough.

Arabel stopped going to school and shut herself out from everyone. Her mother was getting really worried. She wouldn’t eat or a say a word, prompting her mom to call her dad in.

“I swear, Wilson, if you’re gonna try make her come out, I’d be really grateful,”

Wilson, Arabel’s dad, had long divorced her mom and gotten himself another woman. He was living in Flint while they were at Ann. Despite the kilometers, he came whenever his daughter was in need of him.

“Don’t worry, Fiz. I’ll do my best,” he assured.

Asking if she had tried talking to her, he stopped when he got to her room. “Princess?” he called.

Fiz followed and knocked. “Honey, please open the door. Your dad’s here.”

Arabel stood up with the little strength left in her and made to answer.


She rushed into her father’s arms.

“Daddy,” she called. “Daddy, I’m sorry,” she sniffled in his arms, knowing she had failed him.

Fiz watched with emotions wanting to burst, as she sniffled unnoticed, letting the two talk, as she walked back to the living room.

She missed the times she and Wilson, along with their daughter, was a happy family; she couldn’t help but wish that things would go back to the way they used to be.

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