Episode 1

The sitting room was bubbling as usual, as nana a very beautiful young girl of about 20yrs was seen dancing at a tone of a music displaying on the tv screen, sitting on the couch was her parents and her younger sister of about 15yrs, they were happily celebrating the new tokumbo car Mr Pete, Nana’s father bought from a friend,..nana father was not that buoyant but atleast he can brag on providing three square meal a day,.. ”nana that’s enough! lower the volume of the tv and come sit down let’s drink”, Mr Pete said to nana smiling ”papa! today is a big celebration! it not easy to buy a car! atleast I can now be going to school with a car! byebye to trekking”, nana said still dancing ”this ur daughter is so funny”, Mrs patient, Nana’s mother said looking at her husband smiling ”nana u will not be the only one going to school with the car o! who doesn’t like good things? or do u think I love trekking? me I will be going to school with the car o”, Sandra, nana younger sister said and made a face, just then nana lowered the television and sat beside her mother on the couch sweating real hard,

”sandra wat did u just say? u want to use a car to ur school that is almost at the front of our compound? u are not serious! I will be the only one using that car because my school is far! papa tell Sandra not to drag the car with me o”, nana said looking at her father ”thats enough nana! I didn’t buy that car for any of u, I bought it personally for myself”, Mr Pete said and took the bottle of Eva drink , opened it and start pouring it on the glass cup one after the other ”yes that’s good! serve u right! non of us will ride on that car! hahahaha”Sandra mocked ”mama warn Sandra o! before I slap her”, nana said frowning ”thats enough the both of u! now take ur drink”, Mrs patient said, and took one glass of drink on the table ”aaaaaah!! am very happy that finally I have bought my own car! no more wasting of transport”, Mr Pete happily said smiling and drinking his drink ”thank God o! am really happy for u my husband! and no more trekking to church”, Mrs patient teased smiling

”woman I have told u people that I bought that car personally for myself! so I don’t know wat u are talking again! that car is for my personal use haba”, Mr Pete said ”aaaaah my husband can’t someone joke with u again? I was only joking na”, Mrs patient said smiling ”i don’t like that joke! let’s just keep drinking and stop talking”, Mr Pete said drinking his drink and looking at the tv screen ”but papa! wat is the need of celebrating when we won’t even use the car? I was even thinking I will be making use of the car! nawa o”, nana said frowning her face ”if I stand up from this chair I swear I will plug out that tougue of urs! u better respect urself there and shut up ur mouth”, Mr Pete yelled at nana who apologies immediately.


As the family were drinking and watching movie, just then they heard a hard knock on the door ”who is there? come in the door is opened”, Mrs patient said looking at the door, just then the door flunged opened and four police men walked in holding a gun ”goodday officers! sorry are u looking for someone? Mr Pete said confusedly ”yes! I guess this is the house of Mr Pete okezie”, 1st police man asked ”i hope there is no problem? Mrs patient asked confusedly ”i asked a question? is this the house of Mr Pete okezie? 1st police man added ”errrrm!! yes!! I am Mr Pete, how can I help u guys? Mr Pete asked looking at the officers ”good!! in that case u have to follow us to the station because u are under arrest”, 2nd officer chipped in ”me under arrest? for wat? Mr Pete asked surprisely

”u are under arrest for buying a stolen car! the car u bought or should I say stole? belongs to the son of chief ojo! so gently follow us to the station because anything u say or do here shall be used against u in the court of law! so gently follow us”,3rd officer chipped in and brought out a handcuff from his pocket ”this is rubbing! am going nowhere! how am I supposed to know the car was stolen? am going nowhere with u people”, Mr Pete said angrily ”officers pls take it easy! I know my husband, maybe he doesn’t know the car was stolen! pls don’t take him away, let’s settle everything amicably”, Mrs patient chipped in ”we are only doing our job, so Mr Pete respect urself and follow us to the station”, 3rd officer said ”i said am going nowhere because I don’t know anything about the stolen car”, Mr Pete persist, just then two hot slap met with his cheeks as the officers handcuffed him and take him away, Mr patient and her two children watched as the officers took Mr Pete away, hot tears started dropping down their cheeks.


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