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The reason for this restlessness was no other reason than the trending news of the “Bogeyman” that has been killing some students.

The Bogeyman was spotted after murdering his seventh victim and he was identified wearing a red overall cloth which everyone thought was covered in blood.

The only surviving victim described the Bogeyman to be death himself. Daniel was lucky to survive the attack of the man to us and he narrated how it happened.

He was going to ease himself at night when an ominous figure appeared behind him. He wasn’t so sure whether the figure disappeared behind him or he walked up to him from somewhere. He said the Bogeyman has a very sharp claws that could rip someone’s heart out and he also said the Bogeyman chose not to use his claws, he preferred using a double edged knife.

Daniel was just a few meters away from the toilet when he spotted the Bogeyman and he recognized him at that instant. He ran into the toilet immediately and he locked the door.

He started screaming as soon as he got the door locked in order to get everyone’s attention. It was as if Daniel swallowed a speaker because his screams was so loud. The Bogeyman was no longer their as by the time people got to where Daniel was.

Many people changed their school immediately after the incident and it was only few that stayed behind. Part of the few people that stayed were some people that doesn’t believe in the story and I was one of those people.

We however took some measure to protect ourselves and part of the measures was to stop moving around at night, and if there is a need for us to move at night, we should move in groups.

The news abruptly disrupted every kind of movement at night and everyone got a bucket they can use to ease themselves at night. Some guys who were not even able to get themselves a bucket used to urinate through the window and one of them was Paul, my roommate and my friend.

We are four in our room and we usually move around everytime, except during school hours. It was only I and Paul that move around during the school hours, and the two others will join us when we get to the hostel.

There was a form of peace for about five weeks after the measures was initiated and people started moving around at night. Some people that has already moved to another school started coming back and the school gradually came back to its former self.

” Are you going to prep tonight”, Paul asked me when I was packing my books into my bag.

“Of course, I am. Since the news of the Bogeyman has subsided and we can comfortably read now”, I replied chuckling.

“Do you really think the Bogeyman has gone”, Paul asked laughing.

“I bet that he has, and if he comes back, I’m going to kick his as.s”, I replied with a more louder laugh.

“Can you beat the Bogeyman with the knives of his?”.

“That was just a joke, Paul. I’m going to the Fellowship now. I bet you’re not going with me”.

“Nope, I’m not. I need to go and get prepared for one event tonight”,Paul answered.

“What are you preparing yourself for, you this na.ughty Paul”.

“You’ll know tonight”, he replied grinning.

“Alright then. I’m off”, I said finally as I picked my bag up.

I got to the fellowship few minutes and I headed over to the dormitory after we were done.

We had our dinner around 7:00pm and we had one hour break after that. We were apparently going to start prep after the break and it is not compulsory for everyone. It was only the people we termed “serious students” that usually attend the prep.

I was almost dozing off on my bed while reading a novel when I heard a very loud “whoaa” sound.

“The Bogeyman is here”, I heard Paul whispering while trying hard to contain his laughter.

“Why are you disturbing me,guy?”, I replied annoyingly

“It’s time for prep. Are you not going”.

“Of course, I am”.

We took few books and we headed over to the class we usually use to observe the prep. The time was almost 8:30pm and it was only few students that were moving towards the class, and I could see some people walking alone to the class. The Bogeyman has stopped rampaging afterall.

We got to the class few minutes later and we started reading. Luckily for me, the girl that have been crushing on was sitting beside me.

I was still partially concentrating on my book when I heard a very loud scream that was followed by a more louder scream.

“Run!!,the Bogeyman is here”, I heard the Assistant head prefect shouting from the entrance of the class. His head disappeared immediately after his warning and it seems like his head was cut by an unknown sharp blade.

The whole class screamed immediately his head dropped on the ground and everyone started running helter skelter.

I was lucky to jump out through the window and I landed straight on Paul. He was already standing outside.

“The Bogeyman is here”, I screamed at Paul as I dragged him into the toilet, locking but of us in.

I was still trying to catch my breath when I heard a very unusual known voice behind me.

“Do you really think the Bogeyman is gone”, Paul said with a glistering eye that was as red as a hot charcoal. There was an entirely new aura around him and his mere presence was spelling doom. He was holding three curved knives and his claws was as long as the handle of the knives. I was no longer seeing Peter, all I was seeing was Death.

I realised that Daniel didn’t give a perfect description of the Bogeyman, or should I say the “Bogeyboy”.

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