Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Dear, tell me your story” I stared piercingly into his eyes. Judging from his physical look, he should be twelve years old.

I pointed to a wood by the road side for us to settle on.

” Ma’am,” his tiny voice cracked. “I’m a sacrifice”

“What!!” I screamed. I shut my mouth with my hands almost immediately. Shocked. Tears cascaded his already red eyes.

“Did I hear you?” I inquired in disbelieve. “I’m a sacrifice” He affirmed.

“You know what?..” I chuckled. Fear caught me.”you are returning from where I took you from” I gripped his hand and hauled him from the wood. He cried uncontrollably, pleading I should be his savior and not take him to death.

“Please ma. Please” he wailed. I felt like I was poured a chilled water. I released his hand and dumped myself onto the wood.

“Did I just get myself into another well of trouble?” I murmured. “Hian! God”

“I was told by my mother years ago that when I was born, I was stainless. I gleam. Very handsome with beautiful eyes”

I looked at him and indeed, the beauty was still there, regardless he is tattered, pale and unkempt.

“Everyone wanted me as their son” He continued. “My mother lost count of the number of people that troop in to our house to carry me. Sometimes, she wouldn’t know my whereabouts.”




“Mma Chizoba, did you see my son? I can’t find him ooo. Heey, Chineke mee” My mother rolled herself on Earth and her wrapper got loosen from her waist.

While she beats herself on the floor, a petite brought me to her. She snatched me from her and held me tightly to her breast. That night, she wanted to bathe me, pulled my clothes off only to be startled by surprise.

“Where is this mark from? Did it fall from the sky?” She examined the mark for minutes and couldn’t arrive to a conclusion from where the mark emanated from. I had no mark on at back? From where did the mark come from?



“Let me see” I requested. He turned his back on me and pulled his top. I drew closer to see clearly what the mark is like. It looked like a scar or kind off a tattoo but is the head of a woman. Christ! This needs to be investigated. I thought. But How?

He wore back his cloth and continued with his story as told to him by the mother.



The next day, mom went round our community in search of the girl that brought me to her the previous day. She went through hell that day but her search was in vain. She further told me that, every night that I’m always attacked by fever. She doesn’t sleep.

When I was ten, I do have nightmares. Nightmares that I couldn’t comprehend what happened. Each time I wake, and try recollecting them, I couldn’t. I even daydream. My peers see me as weird. They call me “weirdo” because I put on some act that is beyond the ordinary.

They say, I behave like our community chief Priest. The funniest thing is, I don’t see me doing those. Surpring ha?



“You are not weird.” I smiled at him. He reciprocated the smile and we walk down to my apartment. What I’m about doing is hunting, dangerous and unsafe for me. Those seeking his life will come for me. But I believe that my risk is profit to humanism.

He took his bath and I gave him my T-shirt and short to wear. Told him that we will go shopping the next day. He eat to his satisfaction and went to bed. I watched him until he slept before I retired to my chamber.

His story couldn’t stay off my mind untill I allowed some sleep.

I was awoken by a persistent knock on my door, I open it only to find my dead mother glaring at me. She gave me a hard blow that passed me out.

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