Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Soon it got to my turn as I stretched the deposit slip to pay in when the cashier looked at me and said;.

“Sir, you haven’t filled in the deposit slip yet. it’s blank. Can you please fill it.”

That was where my village people started monitoring me with their monitoring mirror.

I asked the cashier if she could help me with a pen, but she replied me saying she has only red pen.

I was confused thinking of where to get pen when someone behind me tapped me by the shoulder.

I turned to appreciate the person it was her. The crush my heart was yelling for.

“Thanks a lot.” I stammered.

“Here.” I said to the cashier, stretching my deposit slips.

The cashier took a glanced at me and said;

“How much did you say you are paying sir?”

“Na weting na? You no fit count money abi you want make the world know how much we dey pay for light bill. ” I thought to myself glancing back at her .

“It’s five thousand naira.” I replied her writing some words on my palm.

“Sir can you please correct it, you wrote 50,000 instead of 5,000, . Five thousand is with three zeros not four zeros. You are waisting my time please next person.” She spoke angrily.

The whole people on the queue started laughing at me. I was ashamed of myself to the point my body began to shake and at the same time sweat began to drop from my four head to the deposit slip.

“Haaaaah na me be this? Na which kind disgrace be this? Even If she want to correct me must she shout to everyone’s hearing? ” I thought to myself wearing a sad look.

At that point in time, my mood changed as the scopping spirit to talk to the beautiful lady left me.

I made the correction and handed back the deposit slip to the cashier. She paid in the money and handed me my print out .

“Thanks for banking with us sir. You are looking great, a nice shirt you wearing.” The cashier compliment.

Me that was sad before smiled at her because she said I was looking great and handsome.

I left the bank and started thinking of how to start trekking back home when I discovered that I haven’t given the lady I was crushing on her pen.

“Should I go back and give her pen or should I just go home with it .” I thought to myself still wondering what to do.

One mind said I should go back and give it back.

As I was trekking back to the bank , I saw her coming out from the bank on a Toyota Camry ride.

“Hey!” I shputed, wearing a smiling face.

“I forgot to give you back this. ” showing her the pen I borrowed from her.

“Wow, I also forgot. I was wondering who I gave my pen to because I remembered giving someone a pen but couldn’t recall who the person was. Anyways, thanks a lot.” She smiled.

“Where you headed?” She asked looking straight to my eyes.

“Hmn, actually I am heading home. Am taking straight towards the bridge.”

“Ok, no problem. hop in I will take your way.”

I hop in to her Toyota Camry like a conductor at the same time smiling like a Christmas lunch.

“I don’t like taking this bridge road there are full of pot holes and the government are doing nothing about it.” She said as she threw a chewing gum to her mouth.

I was speechless didn’t know what to say.

Soon we got to the bridge.

“I will be dropping over there behind that old bus. That’s where I stay over there.” I pointed a finger to my house.

“In that case, let me drop you at the front of your house no wahala.”

I smiled.

“Here we go.” She said, As she pulled over.

I gazed are her and smiled again without uttering a word.

“What do you do?” She asked.

I was about telling her my job when Karasco my friend came.

“Good morning.” He greeted her smiling.

“Good morning.” she replied.

“Guy, you done pay the light bill? because NEPA say Dem go come for operation today.”

I looked at him and nodded my head with in a yes sign.

“Anyways, make I buy garri for mama Chioma place. You go drink?” He asked.

I bowed my head to the ground in shame.

“Better tell me now before you go start they cry for me say you hungry like that day.”

“Just dey go am busy now.” I thundered.

He left turning back and smiling to himself.

“Did he just say garri?” She asked in amazement.

“Who drinks garri in the morning?” She asked.

I was ashamed to the point I couldn’t uttered a word.

“The disgrace at the bank is enough for this babe to say no to me. Now another heavy one.” I thought to myself.

“Haaaaah. Ben, your village people O.” I said to myself .

“Anyways, here is my card am getting late for work.”

She handed her card to me and wazoom off.

I went inside the house only to see karasco ganishing garri.

“Why you dey look me? Shey you see woman come they form actor. Hunger na him go kee you today. As am talking to you now, there’s no single food for this house. So if I be you, I go, go inside go carry spoon follow come drink this garri.”

I stared at him and heaved heavily.

“You no go drink abi you still de form actor?”

I went in and took a spoon, and joined him.

“O boy, that babe fine oooh. I swear she clean dieeeeeh. Where you Sabi her from?”

I glared at him and continued drinking without uttering a word to him.

“I de ask you question you keep quite. Where you Sabi her from?”

“Karasco, it should be the first and last you will disgrace me in public like that again. If I tell you say I happy weting you do na lie I lie you.” I thundered.

“Ben, you too vex. So because of that small thing you took it personal. No naaaah. Infact, the reason why I tell you weting I wan go buy be say you fit lie for her say your papa dey work for oil and gas or you be prince or the son of a senator na him make I talk O. But no vex e no go happen again. But that babe clean.”

I smiled.

“Come ooh, I forget to tell you say your phone been they ring since I been wan pick am but I no come pick am because na your grandpa been they call and him give you like almost 10 missed calls. ”

“Grandpa called?”

“Yes he did.”

” Him giving you 10 missed calls means is urgent.”


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