Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

She was putting on a black singlet. Seeing her stand there looking Sekxy as one could imagine suddenly turned me rock hard. I moved close to her and touched her face and almost immediately, we grabbed each other and started another bout of intense kissing. We kissed for a long time, then I began to caress her thighs. This made her moan “..oohhhh… jags……jagsssss…..”. As I romanced her thighs,

I laid her on the bed. The I began kissing her all over the face. I kissed her eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, her chin then I moved to her neck and began to kiss her passionately there. She began to moan “….ooooo…..aarr hhhhhhh….. “. Then I pulled of her singlet to reveal her black bra. immediately I saw the goods in front if me, I buried my head in between them…. Sonia let out a “uuuuuuussshhhh…….” moan. I began to kiss the top of her boobs. As I did so, she was moaning my name softly. Then, she pulled off my Firebrand Jersey. I looked in her eyes, then I unhooked her bra and spilled her succulent watermelons. I swooped down on her boobs and began to s–k them as if my life depended on it. “Oh……my………jagsssss………oooohhh…… arrrrrghhhhh…….yeeesssssssssss….” she moaned, emboldening me the more. Then I raised her to me and we both sat on the bed. I continued to s–k her boobs. She yanked her head backwards and pushed my head against her chest. Obviously, she enjoyed the s—–g cos she was moaning and pressing her boobs against my mouth.

Then I laid her on the bed again and pulled off her leggings. She was putting on a black matching pant. One touch proved that it was exceedingly wet. I pulled it off and slid my hand into her honey pot. She shivered and began to moan out. I began to s–k her Bosom and finger fuc*k her…her moans went like “oh my……..oooohhh… uyyyeeeeaaahh

h…….aaaaaasshhh…..aaaaaasshhh”… I felt her

grinding her vjay against my hand. So I increased it to two fingers… her vjay was tight, so she let out a load “aaaaaaasssshhh hhhh”……

I wasn’t bothered about anybody hearing us cos nobody was around. they’d all gone to work. I fingered her and she began to moan loudly…:”oohhhh….yeeeeee…. asssshhh… uuhh

ssshhhh… yes! yes!” Then I removed my hand.

immediately, she swooped on my shorts. she tore it off me, dragging it down with my boxers and pounced on my already saluting dic*k. She began to stroke it and before I could say ‘jack’, she threw it in her mouth.

Immediately I feel on my back and she knelt on the bed. She began to give me mouth aktion. Currents of pleasure flowed through me as she s—-d me. at times she’d pause and lick the tip. I was shivering with pleasure. As she s—-d, she massaged my balls, sending a pleasing message to my sensory neurones. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. I bleeped her for a while when suddenly she shivered. The next thing I knew, she had removed my dick and made to sit on it.

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