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The Female Soldier, Episode One
“Don’t marry that man.” The General tells the female soldier standing before him. She was his orderly and he has grown to love her so much. However, the female soldier has rejected all his advances, insisting that their relationship must remain cordial, friendly, and respectful but never intimate. The General has however refused to give up. Even when he got a wedding invitation card from the female soldier, he vowed to punish her if she goes ahead to marry the love of her life.

It was a difficult situation for the female soldier. She did not know how to handle the problem and her fiancée, Acho is not yet aware that the General had interest her. She just kept it a secret believing that she could sort out the problem herself without letting her fiancé know, but the whole thing is getting out of hand.

“I won’t allow you marry anyone. You have been with me for more than five years and I have been trying to express my love for you and to get your attention all to no avail. Why are you stressing me so much? Am not handsome enough to be your man? Why are you chosing that little boy over me? Or do you think I’m too old to date you? A girl like you should be

looking for a mature man that would take good

care of her and not to be attached to a wretched

soul like the one you have chosen to go to the

altar with. I’m offering you a once in a life time

opportunity to be my woman. This is actually

what other girls are dying to get. I’m offering my

love and money to you on the platter of gold but

you keep rejecting me. Why are you doing this?”

The General asked. As he stood up from his

chair, the female soldier saw his big stomach

bulging and threatening to tear his uniform.

“I’m engaged sir! And the date for my wedding

has already been fixed. I can’t afford to call off

the wedding because of you. Besides, you are

married and you have children. You are even old

enough to give birth to me. With due respect sir,

I think you should look for another person. I

have chosen who to marry and nothing will

change my mind.” The female soldier said

confidently. Over the past five years, she and

the General have grown very close such that she

could tell him anything and get away with it. But

the situation was getting really tensed and the

General was not just angry with the female

soldier but was prepared to take a negative

action to back up his words and threats.

“How dare you say those words to me? How dare you call me an old man? Do you know how

many young ladies that are flocking behind me?

Do you know how many beautiful ladies I have

at my beck and call? Who do you think you are?

Do you think you are the most beautiful girl in

the world? You probably think you are better

than all the girls in the world. I’m trying to help

you and to save you from that poor boy you are

going to marry. Poverty will deal with you if you

marry him. Listen to me and call off the

wedding. Don’t put yourself under the bondage

of poverty. Pity the children you are going to

give birth to and accept me to be your man. I

promise you are not going to regret the decision.

But if you insist and marry that poor boy, you

will regret it. Come and enjoy my money and

remove your eyes from young men that are just

starting out in life.” The General said. He was

stills standing and his protruding pot-belly was

shaking sideways as he talked. The female

soldier wondered why his belly is so big.

“Don’t look at my belly! I can do wonders in the bedroom. Don’t let my belly deceive you. I’m capable of wonders. And my pocket is also filled with money which is what girls like you need to take care of your beauty. Six packs can’t feed you. I promise you, if you marry that boy, you are going to become ugly in a few months.” The General said as he went back to his seat. The office is so nicely decorated. The air conditioner in the office made everywhere cool.

“I’m sorry sir, but I can’t help but marry him. I love him so much. Nothing on this earth would make me change my mind or to call off the wedding. I have served you faitfully as an orderly for five years and I need your support as I take this important step in my life. Please, don’t do anything to destroy my wedding joy or to stop me from experiencing the joy of getting married to the love of my life.” The female soldier said. She was looking directly into the eyes of the General. She could see that the man really liked her. She could see pain in his eyes, that pain of losing a woman you love to another man. She is so beautiful that a lot of men flock around her in the barracks but she chose Acho, the poor civilian.

“Don’t worry sir, I’m sure you will see another girl who will love you even more than I would have. Besides, I’m sure you are getting enough love from your wife already.” The female soldier said.

“I still maintain you must not marry that boy.” The General said.

“Permission to take my leave sir.” The female soldier said as she saluted respectful to leave.

“If you disrespect me and go ahead with your wedding plans, will show you that I’m your superior in this work. Don’t dare me. If you refuse to accept me as your man, I will make sure your wedding will not hold. You know what I’m capable of. I can do anything with my powers. Don’t dare me. You belong to me and no other man will marry you.” The General said.

That even as the female soldier closed from work, she did not know if she should call Acho her fiancé to tell him what was going on or if she should keep the whole thing to herself. She decided not to tell anyone. That night, she got a WhatsApp message from the General.

“Remember what I said. I’m warning you. Don’t dare me. Call off the marriage. You belong to me. If you want to try me, go ahead. But the battle line has been drawn.” The message from the General says.

Watch out for episode 2.

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