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Uche is a very handsome young man from a rich family. He is so handsome that every lady who knows him in the streets fell instantly for his charming appearance. His pocket is also handsome because he never lacked money. Uche was the one in charge of his father’s multi- billion Naira businesses as the old man had retired, so he never lacked anything good.

Girls were therefore ready to be at his beck and call. Even the ones he never wanted fell for him and were eager to come home and wash his clothes for free.

He was twenty five when his mother and father announced to him that time had come for him to get married. He was their only child and they could not wait because they saw him as the heir that must keep the family tree growing. Uche was aware that his family would pressure him to get married early, so he was always prepared for the pressure. He was therefore not surprised when his mother and father called him into their room and told him to started getting ready for the grand wedding.

However, what shocked him was that his parents had handpicked a woman he was expected to marry.

“There is someone we want you to meet. I’m very sure she will make a perfect wife for you. I’m 100% sure you will love this lady. She is a damsel and his family is well-to-do. You know you cannot just get married to someone from a poor background. You know who you are and you are aware you cannot marry a riff-raff. We are your parents and we are in the best position to decide what’s best for our only son.” Nneoma, Uche’s mother said. They were about going to bed that night when they summoned Uche.

“Yes my son, your mother is absolutely right. Your bride-to-be will arrive in Nigeria tomorrow and the two of you will be introduced. She is a US-trained lawyer and from a wealthy background. We consider her a perfect match for you because wealth is built strategically. Darkness and light has nothing to do together. Birds of the same feather must always flock together. Wealthy children should inter-marry to preserve wealth. You are my only son and I can’t allow you make marital mistake. That is why I and your mother went far and wide to pick this bride for you. I urge you to prepare to receive her as she arrives tomorrow. Congratulations in advance son.” Chief Oko, Uche’s father said. He was sitting on his king- sized bed, wearing a nightie.

Uche was surprised because he was expecting them to ask him if he already has a girlfriend that possessed the qualities of a wife, but they had made their decision. Uche had never disobeyed his parents. In fact, he considered it a taboo to tell them no. But the issue at hand was a serious one. Marriage is a once in a lifetime affair and he thought he could chip in some words about the person he really wanted to marry. He had a lot he could tell his parents about the qualities he wanted in a woman. He wanted to ask them if the person they had chosen for him has those qualities but he decided to shut up and accept their decision. After all, he was still living under his parents’ roof and enjoying their money.

“Mum, dad, thank you very much for your choice of a wife for me. Although, I have not seen her, I’m convinced that when I see her tomorrow, will like her. The two of you have never disappointed me and I will never disobey you. I believe in your wisdom and I promise to respect the choice you made for me. When this woman arrives tomorrow, I will personally go to the airport to pick her up.” Uche said as he bade his parents good night and went to bed.

As he went to bed that night, he thought about his girlfriend, Chizi, who he had known since he was a teenager. In fact, he had lived and grown up with Chizi. He is unable to stay a day without thinking about her. It was because of Chizi that he refused to travel abroad for his university education. Instead, he told his parents that he wanted to study at a top university in Nigeria and they agreed.

He had dreamt of getting married to Chizi one day, but he was aware of the obstacles. Chizi was their housemaid and he knew his parents would not allow them to get married. But he passionately loved Chizi, not just because of her beauty but because of her humility and good heart.

“I’m not sure I can live happily without Chizi in my life. How am I going to cope? can’t even live a day without seeing her. Now, my parents want me to marry another woman all in the name of preserving wealth and family name?

I’m not sure I will be able to do this.” Uche said

in his heart. He was already in his bed but despite the air conditioner in the room, he was still sweating profusely due to emotional stress. He was heartbroken because he is aware that his parents don’t issue threats, they are capable of forcing him to do exactly what they want.

He was unable to take it, so he stood up from the bed and proceeded to the boy’s quarters in compound as that was where Chizi lived. Chizi is an orphan and she had come to live with Uche’s parents after her parents passed away many years ago. She was not adopted, but she was taken from the orphanage and put under the care of Uche’s parents. Uche had fallen deeply in love with her and they became inseparable. They had managed to keep their relationship a top secret.

“What is the problem my love?” Chizi asked as soon as Uche stepped into the room. Chizi had a well-furnished room all to herself and she lacked nothing in the house. She just lacked money and a wealthy background and that was counting against her..

“My parents want me to get married.” Uche announced after a long pause. There was palpable tension in the room and Chizi knew all was not well.

“Thanks goodness, so we can now live together as husband and wife without hiding from anyone. I’m tired of hiding the fact that I’m in love with you. I can’t wait for our wedding day so that I can declare it to the whole world that you are the love of my life. The news you just brought is the best thing I have heard today.” Chizi said, jumping up and hugging Uche out of excitement.

“I’m not going to marry you. My parents have already chosen a wife for me and I can’t say no to them.” Uche said with a mournful face. This was the most difficult conversation he has ever had since he grew up into a man.

“What did you just say?” Chizi asked.

“I said they have chosen a bride for me and she is arriving the country tomorrow from the US and I’m supposed to marry her. The wedding date has already been fixed. I’m sad and confused right now, but the worse is that I can’t reject her. I can’t say no to my parents.” Uche said sadly, throwing his two hands into the air like someone who just lost an important battle.

“Why can’t you say no to them? You are a grown man. I and you have come a long way. You cannot just leave me in the middle of nowhere. I can’t live my life without you.” Chizi said with tears.

“I understand my love. I know all these things, but my hands are tied. I can’t stop this from happening.” Uche said.

“Why? Is it because I’m a housemaid? Is it because I’m an orphan? Is it because I’m not from a rich home? Why do you want to treat me this way?” Chizi asked.

“Those things mean nothing to me. But they certainly mean a lot to my parent. But don’t worry, I have a plan. I and you will still end up getting married. Just follow my instructions and do exactly as I say. You are the one I love and I can’t leave you.” Uche said.

Watch out for episode two.

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