Episode 1

(Meeting Mr Jude)
donal walked for a longtime into the deeper region of the forest crying truth be told he was afriad but he didnt care as he thought that the assassins are still after him on his sobber mode his ears are stil sensitive, so when footsteps were coming toward his direction he heard and tried his best to hide behind a tree but it was too late for him as he heard a voice thick and faminine ordering him not to move, out of fright he start crying while pleading
please sir dont kill me” he plead
what are u doing in a forest as thick and dangerous like this? The man ask
donald kept staring into his eye not wanting to answer any of his questions if he proceed
mr Jude in the other hand was getting impatient so he ask him again
what are u doing here all alone young boy?
Mr jude saw the determination in his eye that he wont answer any of his question if he pressure him there
its getting late already let go to my house” he said and walk away

donald saw that he may be of help to his new found statues ORPHANAGE he follow the man

at mr Jude house which is a small two bedroom flat which is hardly notice in the vicinity
donald narrate his encounter and how he lost his family to mr Jude, he pitied the young boy
while he recall how his own family was murder too which led to his travel to china he spent 4years there and later came back to the country to investigate and have his revange but now he had to put that on hold and see to the little boy education first before he get back to revange
he sent Donald to another state after a week to go stay with one of his friend who owns a big computer complex whle he went on woth nomal life

=========10 years later=======
i’m back dad” he shout from the sitting room
he waited but got no respond he hissed and took his PTC (physical training combat) bag and left for the jungle where they normally do their trainning on getting there he sight mr Jude on a training posture he smile revealing his dimple and a cute set of teeth, he change into his training outfit and join his master oh sorry mr Jude

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