Episode 1

Finally the long awaiting admission is out, i was very happy because i was among those admitted into AMBROS ALLI UNIVERSITY, EKPOMA, it was a great joy to those seeking admission, and finally they were admitted, i can tell a lot of persons are going to party all the way down, well i was given admission to study BIOCHEMISTRY, now all admitted student were expected to resume school january 23rd, but most old student were not happy to resume, due to the money they were making from the various work the were engage in, well that was not the case with the new students, we were more than happy to resume school, don’t blame us it was our first time entry higher institution, wetin you dey expect, body must catch us na, despite the happiness i hate being called a fresher, sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Scott about 6.5 ft tall, muscular dark and handsome well i guess that why girls love me, that aside before the resumption date gradually set in, i could count the numerous advice from cousins, family members and most especially from my parents, you guys know the type of advice na, no other than cult issue, it was not their fault, it was due to the alarming rate of cult issue in nigeria schools most expecially in university, well am the second son of my parents in the family of five and the last born is a girl name lizzy and my elder brother jude is working in a private firm, i am the first in my family to enter into university well what do you think my family was more than happy.

** Gradually the date was setting in and preparation was made, things were bought for me and i rented an apartment off K (off campus). The day finally came my dad took me in his car not before saying good bye to my mum and sister, but my brother jude was not around though he contributed alot in my education, my mom cryed, what do you expect i was leaving for school probably they will not see me for the next one month, well to cut the short story long sorry long story short, i got to school. **** I arranged my room, i was really happy to be in school, my dad stayed a little then left not without giving me pocket money, i already have money in my account, you know he just have to give me, you guys know how men are they can’t really stay to spend quality time with their family, the next thing you see, they are off like wind, well enough of that i was really hungfy after he left, i have to boil noodle with my gas cooker, that was when i started missing my mom, by now she would have started cooking for me, nevertheless i was in for a big ride, i was in school so i have to adapt to school life, class will be starting on monday and it was friday, i can’t wait to start class, but i have to go to school to check out my department, not that i was too in a hurry to start class, i bet 80% of today student did the same, or are you going to start looking for your department on the day of your class, so i went to school, i could not easily find biochemistry department not after being directed by several persons, thank God i finally made it, i check the class, in the process of checking around i saw a guy, i think he also came to do the same thing i came to do, well he notice me and walk up to me and stretch out his hand for an handshake, you know guys na we nor dey dull, two guys can be friend for just a month and it will look as if they have been friends for over five year, we introduce ourselves. His name was Greg. Well Greg was tall like me a little bit fair in complexion. I and Greg walk down to an eatery close to our department and we order for pounded yam and egusi, Wetin you they expect, Freedom at last am going to enjoy it to the full, after we we’re through with the local delicacy, we engage in a conversation Bros, Greg said freedom at last, by now my dad for don dey tell me say make i go e shop go sell, i nor fit happy Na bad thing to help your dad again, or don’t you know they have started spending on you I know na Greg said but man have to jollificate small na, be like say i go come they go oh, day don dark, No yawa na, me too so let go together, that was how i and Greg became friends, i got home that night i was so tired that i just fell on my bed and slept off. ***

On sunday morning, i have to get set for church, come to think of it which church i wan go self, well any church i see i go just enter, i dressed up looking good, ready to make those girls fall in love, i look at the mirror in front of me

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