Episode 1

Julie Sanders was at it again. She tapped her fingers in wrath, gesticulating at the time. The unfortunate fellow to have a taste of her wrath was her new employed pilot. She preferred to call him a driver, but her profession and courtesy demands she addressed him as a pilot.
She cupped her cheek and sighed in exasperation. His phone was off and God knows it was good news for him.

Finally, he arrived. He took a little more time to adjust his bold tie, he needed to appear well before his mistress, else he risk the chance of getting sacked.

“Madam I…”
“What is the time you peasant?”
He was taken aback and tried to steal a quick glimpse of the wall clock ticking behind him.
“Oh, I’m so sorry madam, my wristwatch is bad, I didn’t notice”
She smiled, that was strange. And he knew it was trouble.

“Hand over the keys”

He handed it over and she made it official.
“Mr John or whatever you are called, you are fired!”

And there went her 24th pilot.

She took the dark limousine and drove herself to the red carpet event.

She was the star of the show so she had to appear her best.

It took her another 30minutes to reapply her make up. She had the announcement requesting her presence but who cares? They would wait. She had an award to collect, so she had to look her best.

And finally, when she was satisfied with looks, she confidently alighted from the car and got the attention of the media and the massive crowd instantly.

She was the best in her modelling career; and this was the 7th award she was taking home for the past 7years. Well of course there has been other awards, but the best model in Africa was the award she treasured most. And yes she would trample on anyone to get it back to back, every year.

“And so, this year award of miss Africa goes to Julie Sanders, again”
Julie read an abash meaning to the last words of the host. He didn’t look too happy that he was handling the award to the same person he did for over 7years. But she didn’t care. She deserves it. And she would have what she deserves.

She took good shots with her extravagant and susceptible gold gown.

her fame traveled far and wide. Company’s and organizations pleaded to use her for an advert, media houses struggled to get an autograph and an interview.
“I am the best, I am the desire of every one…always remember that”
She shot at a model who dare stepped into her office without knocking.
Vero couldn’t understand how her offense warranted Julie to remind her of her fame and achievements, but she dare not oppose.

“Am sorry madam”
“What do you need?”
Vero swallowed a lump of saliva, she contemplated on the message she was about to deliver. She was the personal assistant (PA) to Julie at Prada designers, where Julie was made head Fashion designer.

“Madam, it’s Jack wilshere from Silver advertising company, he is here again”
Julie long hiss and the frown that followed made Vero retrace her steps and attempted to hurry out of the office when Julie called.
“On a second thought, send the idiot in”
Jack was one man that has constantly pester her to feature in his advert. It was a big step to get his project approved and win the contract worth millions; he just had to get her, his opponent was not one to toy with. But, he met a bulwark.
“Madam good…”

Julie right hand in the air, pointing out a stop signal made him halt.
“Jack, whatever. What’s your fu-Cking problem, I’m not your class, I certainly can’t be featured by a cheap ass like you…I mean look at the way you are dressed dude”
Jack had to re check himself. He was smartly dressed on his wing tip suit with his portfolio to tag with his silver wristwatch.
“Madam, if you would just give me a chance, my mother really needs the money to have an operation”

Jack didn’t care if he was too open about his real reason why he needed the money. Because, right now, there was no other option.
Julie thought she was almost caught of guard when she felt a little sympathy. But then, she concluded he wanted to take advantage of her human sympathy.

“Get out you fraud. You think you can deceive me? I can’t believe you would stoop so low to have a taste of what you are not worth”
Her words sank deep into him. It replayed in a way that he couldn’t bare.

He suddenly called her by name
“Soon, your throne would be taken from you. You would be in my shoes, and you would know what it means to lose someone. You would feel my pain”

Julie couldn’t believe this man. She got so infuriated.

“Vero! Get me security”
She made sure Jack was locked up for his insult in a police cell for a couple of days. He missed his advert presentation and lost the contract.
Julie only released him when his sister came pleading to her office.

It was too much to bear. She had hurt too many people, although she didn’t see it that way.
“Why did you lock him up? You are such a bitch”
Siera lashed at her.

Siera was her only friend who was never scared of her. And Julie loved her so much, she could sacrifice anything for siera.
“What? He insulted me”
“But you said it yourself, he had his mother in an hospital”

“Who cares Siera? Who helped me when my parents both died of internal bleeding after the accident? Who helped when my only brother died of starvation! No one, so why should I help him?”

Siera paused when Julie went in rage again and threw her glass of wine at the wall.
“Is that why you fired your new pilot?”
Another issue that made Julie scoffed.
“Siera the guy is a zombie, I can’t work with him”

“Julie, that is the 24th pilot I stress my ass to get for you”

Julie attempted to defend herself again but Julie was quick to continue.

“Julie, you can let the pain of the past to affect your present, don’t you see? You are hurting everyone around you because of your past, please Julie, I will continue to tell you the truth. Change your ways”

Julie was quiet as she backed Siera to face the tainted glass window from her apartment.
Siera was hoping she got to Julie this time, but as expected, Julie threw it back at her face.
“Get out”

“Get out now!…”
Although she acted like Siera words didn’t get to her, she couldn’t stop her words from reverberating in her mind.
And then she slept that night, totally ignorant of what had occurred in darkness. She opened her eyes the next morning and saw her body surrounded by hoodlums.
“What the hell…?”

She ran to them and screamed on top of her voice. But, they didn’t hear her. Infact, they went thru her. Her eyes went wide when she realised the worst has happened.
A woman with a white cloak called from behind her.

“Julie, welcome to the other side”

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