Episode 1

They both stared long at each other.

Ben couldn’t believe all what just happened.

He looked on with hatred and disgust at clara whose head was bent down.

He couldn’t comprehend the fact that he just had a hot quickie with his wife’s bestie and was busted at the end.

He never anticipated the worst could befall him in a mere second.

They could still hear the clumping sound of her high heels shoe as nancy scurried away through the hallway, she (Nancy) felt betrayed by her best friend (Clara). She never knew she could do such, she hated ben her husband for cheating on her, and the worst he could ever do was to choose her friend of all women.

Ben felt like strangling clara to death but that would only entangled him into another web of trouble.

He was troubled as his conscience was fighting within.

How could he be so stupid to think of getting down with her.

He bit his lower lips bitterly, and regretted over everything.

How he wished he could turned back the hands of time he would make amendments. If wishes were horses ben would have taken a pleasant ride.

He shook his head and looked down at his now deflated d–k
as if it was to be blamed.

Clara on the other hand was smiling, she enjoyed the whole show albeit she also looked worried but nevertheless she felt happy and was throwing a party within. She was overjoyed nancy witnessed the scene. She never felt guilty over her actions afterall she just gotten what she craved for.
“why are you smiling?, cant you see what you caused?” he shouted at her with a scowl on his face.

Ben noticed she was smiling and that only made him more angry and he unleashed the fury in him.

She took a step back in fear on seeing the deadly mean look on his face. But she braced herself up
“what did i caused? Ehn tell me!, who started it first, afterall you enjoyed it and now you are playing the blame game on me abi?, i dont even bloody care if you blame me or not, i’ve achieved all i craved for, i loved it and it was superb. Just leave thrash for lawman” she barked at him.

Ben couldnt believe all what she said, he felt played and tricked and he easily fell for it. How stupid he was. His patience was pushed behind bars and He walked up to her and gave her a hard deafening slap.

Clara held her cheeks in disbelief of what ben just did to him.

She fight back the tears, they could spilt any moment, but a tear dropped.
‘kpa kpa’ She paid him back with the same coin but this time a resounding slap landed on his cheek.

She hissed loudly and left the room.

Ben held his left cheek but the pain he felt was nothing compared to the one he felt when he was caught redhanded by his wife. He felt the world crushing down on his head.
hours ago
ben was in his office when he remembered that he forgot an important document.
he was to type it and send it to his boss. he quickly stood up with immediate alacrity and rushed back home, like he was being chased by cops overtaking many other cars in the process. both drivers and pedestrian walkers rained curses on him but he wasnt pertubed with that. he got home in less than five minutes which on a normal day would have cost him nothing less than fifteen minutes ride” plus the traffic. he furiously twist the door knob and it creaked open/ he walked impatiently to his room he quickly got the document and ran back to the sitting room. he was about taking his car key he left on the settee, when his eyes met with a bag lying on the couch. he took a second glance at it to be sure of what he was seeing. ‘it was a lady’s bag but nancy should be in her boutique nw.’
he thought.
just then, he heard the sound of a running faucet which came from one of the numerous rooms in the house
“honey, honey” he bellowed out but got no response.
he thought nancy was somewhere around the house.
he walked stealthly to the room he heard the sound emanating from. it was the visitors room. he opened the door but he met an empty room. he heard the sound of the running water again but he was now becoming scared coz he met no one in the room perhaps the person is inside the bathroom coz a bathroom is attached to each room.
the running water stopped and the door suddenly flung open and clara walked out.

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