Episode 1

GOLDEN GATES school was popularly known to be the school for the rich and it was only rich kids that attended the school but how Melody ended up schooling there was a story left to be told another day.

Melody is brown skin girl, with a long dark hair and she’s a bit tall with a gap teeth, she could be easily seen entering the huge compound of “GOLDEN GATES “high school.

A mere looking at her you will surely conclude that she’s new in the environment.

She pushed the gate open and then step inside the building stairing at the tall storey building not knowing where to enter.

Even the security man wondered what she was doing there because of how she entered and ever since he started working there as the security no kid that schooled there will walk on his or her bare foot to the school compound, but here is a different story of a girl who looked stranded into the school compound.

Melody was confused not knowing where to enter nor who to ask whether she’s in the right place, we push the gate open again and looked at the huge bill board to be sure that she’s in the right place, and it was boldly written on it “GOLDEN GATES HIGH SCHOOL “.

Luckily for her, the school bell rang signalling for the morning devotion which made students rush out of their classes to the school chaplain thus giving her the opportunity to know where exactly she should go.

7:45 am.

The school morning devotion was still on when melody walked into the hall and her shoe make noise which gained everyone attention to where she was.

She was nearly dressed with the school uniform, green skirt, white shirt and green beret with a long green socks.

Her dress was nearly ironed as the two lines appeared visible to everyone that had eyes, she stopped walking and then joined a queue not knowing which class she’s standing.

The devotion was finally brought to a close as the principal dismissed the students with a brief announcement and then looked at melody….
looked at melody and then immediately recognized who she was.

“I guess you are Melody right? he said pointing at her which made everyone to look at the new girl.

“Yes sir I am” she replied
“Good, follow me to my office immediately after this, the rest of you should go to your different classes “he said and everyone left except Melody who followed him to his office.

The clouds turn dark instantly showing that there’s going to be a big showers of blessing from the atmosphere thereby telling all the sensible human beings present on the road to find their way back home.

suddenly it started raining so heavily that even not a single car was found on the road driving.
Melody father could be seen rushing up and down, placing buckets in the places that had a leakage on the zinc.

some places were left over as there were no more buckets to be placed, the water started flooding the house as Melody father tried his best to stop it from overflowing it’s bank by using a small broom to sweep it but it was of no use as the water kept increasing each second.

Melody’s mother was really soaked by the rain on the road as she was busy trying her best to gather for the family in her small business of orange selling.

The rain had successfully did it’s best by soaking melody’s mother.

Truly Melody’s family was really poor to the extent they can’t even be compared to others.

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