Episode 1

Adesuwa was a cute 19-year-old girl my mom hired to help run things in the house a couple of years back. Though not too smart as she could sometimes be an airhead, she more than made up with her looks. This babe had the body of a goddess. I always had fantasies and illusions of taking this girl to bed and banging her senseless anytime I saw her around.

My mum brought her into our home to help an old friend who had come into hard times. Her husband was a retired police officer and a staunch alcoholic who barely had the time and resources to train his children. Recently he had decided to take another wife (apart from the two he had already) and had told his older wives to find ways of training their kids. With the little amount she made selling foodstuff in Karimo market, there was no way this woman could afford to send any of her kids to school anymore and they all had to drop out.

My mum had met her one evening when she had gone to buy foodstuff for the month. For some reason known to only her, she struck an accord with the woman (maybe because she found out they were from the same place, as my mum is from Edo State, though she lived all her life in Lagos), but she found herself listening to this poor woman’s plight. She took pity on her, so every now and then when she went shopping, she would give this woman money for her upkeep.

One weekend my dad hosted a meeting for his old classmates. I happened to be at home that weekend and I was a 300-level student in Nassarawa State University which was about an hour-and-a-half away in Keffi, I do come home very often. Besides that, being the only boy, my dad always wanted me around to curb the excesses of the women in the house as my two sisters and our mum had their ways of getting away with things from him and he needed another man in the house once in a while. I was supposed to have gone back to campus that day but I decided to stay back to enjoy some food and take some along to school, which would have saved me the stress of cooking and spending money on feeding. That was when I first met her.

My mum had given me some twenty-five thousand naira to purchase another large goat when she realized the one we had procured earlier wasn’t going to cater for the large crowd of people we were expecting. As I was about to head out, one of the women who was helping her out to cook (who I later found out was the woman in question) told my mum she knew someone in Dei-Dei market where I could get it cheaper and called her daughter to take me there. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw the daughter.

I tried so hard not to stare at her in lust as her mum explained to her where we were to go get the animal. Though she was not that smartly dressed, her clothes could not hide the hot body that she had. Picture Cassidy Banks in a faded, well-worn knee length dress and you would not be too far off – her well rounded breasts, a perfect figure, smooth light-complexion skin, and as I observed later, a killer smile which showed off the beautiful slight gap between her front teeth. Her shapely arse swayed seductively when she walked, and her boobs bounced anytime she moved. I tried to keep my eyes on her face as her mum finally finished and she turned to me. I quickly led her to my mum’s Tacoma Truck before she could see the growing bulge in my jeans.

On our way we engaged in small talk. I got to know her name was Adesuwa. She was the one who told me about her mum and her family, as well as how my mum helped them once in a while. She told me due to financial difficulties, she and her younger siblings had to drop out of school. She was in SS2 when she had to stop going and for the past three years, had been helping her mum out in the market while they tried to figure out how they would return to school. She had once suggested to her mum that probably she should just go ahead and get married so that the burden will be less on her but was rewarded with a resounding slap. All the time I tried to keep my eyes on the road and not on her generous chest, as well as keeping my growing erection from exposing my lust. I told her not to worry and that something will surely come up. I didn’t know at that time I was prophesying and that it will lead to all what would happen between us.

About three weeks later I came home for another little stay and some more of mummy’s food. Immediately I got into the kitchen to greet her, who would I see with her but Adesuwa. I stood rooted to the spot gaping like an idiot. I didn’t even hear her greet me as I stared at her. I finally got my tongue back and greeted my mum with a hug.

Though I heard the full gist later from Adesuwa, my mum told me that evening that she had decided to bring her into the house to help out as a maid. Her mother had decided to return to their village in Edo state to start afresh since her husband was practically useless in terms of catering for their needs. Besides she needed help in the house since we (my sisters and I) were away in school. In return, she enrolled her in evening lessons at the school nearby to at least finish up her secondary education. She was pretty much obedient and hardworking, and everyone treated her like she was part of the family.
Adesuwa’s presence in the house made me come home almost every other weekend from then on. I don’t know why, but the thought of her always crossed my mind all week I was in school. Even my parents were rather surprised at my frequent home comings, though they were often happy I could come home every weekend since I schooled not too far away.

Adesuwa too was rather glad to see me the times I came. I think she had begun to take a sudden liking towards me. She had a friend of hers called Ireti that she went to classes with. The two girls usually left around two in the afternoon and got back around six just before my mum got home for the day. Both of them called me “broda” playfully, and they showed me a lot of respect. Adesuwa in particular always insisted I bring something for her anytime I came home, and whatever it was I got her (usually chocolates, a hardcover exercise book, ballpoint pens, etc.) she cherished a lot and thanked me profusely.

Maybe it was my imagination, but there were times Adesuwa seemed to secretly flirt with me, as if she knew the effect she was having on me. She would bat her eyelids sexily at me anytime I ran into her and anytime she’d catch me staring at her, she’d sway her waist or caress her boobs with a seductive gleam in her eyes. She was careful not to get too carried away and make my mum notice. I think the grooming tips she got from my sisters helped a lot. Gone were the drab looking blouses and dresses. She now wore some nice tops, leggings, jeans, denim shorts, long shirts and some light touches of makeup. Gone were the plaited hairs and ugly scarves. She now did some nice crochets, braids, perms, and styles. Her articulation had definitely improved. If anyone came visiting, you wouldn’t know she was the maid. We all treated her like she was one of us and I know she was really grateful for that.
All these subtle changes in her made me notice her more and fueled the yearning in me. I ached to grab her by the waist and kiss her senseless, and most of my wet dreams during the week in school were all about her. I told myself that no matter what it takes, I had to do something with this girl.


By this time Adesuwa had been with us for about nine months, and seriously, she had come really far from the local Edo girl my mum brought in all that time ago. My mum and sisters had really done a good job on her and she now moved with poise and grace. All this while I had put my cravings for her on simmer, biding my time carefully and hoping not to do something that will eventually betray the respect she had for me, but it seemed she too wanted me to make a move on her. Her subtle glances, her “come and get me” look I thought I saw in her eyes – I wasn’t too sure and I didn’t want to do something I would later regret.

I didn’t get the chance until much, much later. The semester had just rounded up and I been home for about a week. My parents had gone for a wedding in Lokoja that Saturday morning, and were not going to be back home until much later in the evening. My sisters weren’t back from school. The only other person around was Adesuwa. She usually would have gone to the wedding with my mum as well (that’s how much we had taken to her – she treated her like her handbag and always took her out to any occasion she went) but she had a test in her school that morning. My dad had told me to clear some of the stray weeds in the compound before they left and I decided to start before it got too hot.

Around noon, just as I was almost finished, Adesuwa and her friend returned. Both came to where I was and chatted with me as I rounded up my work. I noticed Adesuwa staring at me with a sultry glint in her eye as I stood there shirtless, the whole top half of my body dripping with sweat, my muscles and abs glistening in the sun. I asked her to prepare some food for me and call me as soon as it was ready. She smiled seductively and said it wouldn’t be more than twenty minutes. She and Ireti went inside and I returned to my hoeing.

About thirty minutes later, I decided to stop. It was beginning to get too hot and the sun was beginning to burn my bare back. The whole place was awfully quiet and I began to wonder where both girls were. The food was supposed to have been ready by now. Sweating heavily, I walked towards the kitchen, where I hoped to find my grub waiting. I got there, and saw it was still on the stove, and it was almost burning.
“Where the hell is this girl for her to forget my food”, I wondered angrily as I switched the cooker off. The sweat was dripping off my body and I went into the house to have a cool shower. I got to my room and removed my filthy shorts and tying a towel around my waist, I headed to the bathroom.
Going to the bathroom, I had to face Adesuwa’s room. As I was about entering, I thought I heard some silent m0an!ng coming from inside the partly open door. My curiosity got the better of me and with my heart beginning to thump, I peered round the door.

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