Episode 1


‘Abdul, you still haven’t finished…’ Chief Nelson said angrily, before being interrupted by his mechanic ‘Sir, the car is ready.’ The man on the other line said, in low tone.
‘Ba wo ni ?’ Chief Nelson asked, sensing the low tone in his otherwise cheerful mechanics voice, ‘nothing sir!’ the mechanic replied cheerfully.

Later that day, the Chief arrived, driven by one of his many drivers. Upon testing the car and being satisfied with its condition, the Chief instructed the driver to return home, as he would soon be on his way, home.
‘Well done Abdul, how’s Kaffy?’ the Chief asked.

‘She is fine sir, she even travelled yesterday to see her parents.’ Abdul replied, taking note that his most prized customer, called his wife by her nickname.

Thirty minutes later.

Peace Haven Hotel.
Room 125.
‘Okay Chief, I am done, you can come and pick me from the saloon.’ The female voice said, prompting the hefty man, to smile and proceed to the door.

The short woman stood under the sun, refusing the offers of free rides by the lust-filled men in their Air-conditioned cars. Who could blame them? Her hips was wide, her thighs were thick and touching each other, her skin was light brown, her million braids tied at the back in a knot, her butt0ckz stuck out like a pair of over-inflated footballs – and she was short, sorry, petite.

She wiped her less than appealing make-up filled face, with her white handkerchief as she looked around trying to see if anyone she knew was coming, her Ghana-must-go luggage next to her, with a Nokia 3310 phone on her right hand.

A flashy red car, parked by her and the window came down.
‘I am very sorry.’ The man said, unlocking the car but not offering to aid with the luggage, which the short, sorry, petite woman dropped at the back seat and proceeded to take her seat at the passenger side, next to the driver.

‘What took you so long, this sun wanted to kill me.’ The petite woman complained bitterly, the man apologised yet again.
‘Don’t worry Kaffy, the hotel I booked has a nice shower and a cool Air-conditioner.’ The hefty man says.

‘If you say so…Chief Nelson.’ Kaffy replies.
An hour later.

The weight of the Chief presses down on Kaffy.
Her thighs lifted up in the air, and parted, the Chief climbs in-between with an erect manhood covered by a special brand of condom for his monstrosity, he ploughs into the petite woman’s honeypot.
Kaffy gasps for air, as she receives the large male organ.

‘Mogbe!’ she exclaims, as her pleasure carnal expands to accommodate this new size.
But soon her legs and body can’t sustain the Chief’s weight.

‘Chief, abeg do and c-m.’ Kaffy says, tired of the punishment her honeypot is receiving at the hands of the endowed male organ; ‘how I go c-m, when I never knack you – doggy style.’ The Chief replied, pulling out of the humungous hole his male organ, had just dug.

Indeed it was Kaffy’s huge backside that caught the Chief’s attention, the first time they met underneath the hot las gidi sun.. at Abdul’s mechanic workshop. She had come to bring her husband, his lunch – both the one in the food-flask and the one in-between her tight thighs.

Needless to say, Kaffy was saucy to the Chief. This only intrigued the h—y man the more.

The thought of Abdul servicing his car, while his wife Kaffy, serviced his manhood – was exciting.

‘The way your husband is servicing my car, I don’t like it…’ Chief Nelson said to Kaffy, ‘so what do you want me to do?’ she replied, ‘I will take my car to another mechanic.’ The Chief replied.
‘Okay.’ Kaffy replied coolly.

Abdul greeted Chief Nelson and introduced him to his wife, whose countenance immediately changed, upon realising Chief was the golden goose that la!d the golden hen.

Kaffy rushed in, as soon as her husband had gone to get some materials ‘Sir, please forgive me, I didn’t know who you were, I thought you were one of these useless men that my husband calls friends.’
‘Its okay my dear. I like how your husband services my car.’ The Chief said, looking around, he drew near to Kaffy and whispered ‘I will give you 500,000 naira, if you service me, like Abdul services my car.’
Kaffy stumbled backwards. Chief Nelson smiled.

‘Just once.’ Chief Nelson whispered again.
Kaffy was silent.
But that was a month ago.

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