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“What are you waiting for before you propose marriage to me? We have been dating for seven years and to be honest, I’m tired of waiting. I’m presently 34 and I will be 35 by next month. I don’t think you are being fair to me. How can I date you for seven years and you are not even talking about marriage? All you talk about is how you want to make money in millions. I don’t even know when you are going to achieve that dream, but is this how will continue to wait? I’m becoming inpatient and please, don’t blame me if I wake up one day and leave you for another man. I have tried my best.” Msizi tells Sizwe. Sizwe and Msizi have been dating since they were in the university. They studied the same course while in school.

When they were studying accounting in school, they did not know that they were going to end up doing small jobs and be earning peanuts. While Sizwe works at a supermarket as an accountant, his girlfriend, Msizi refused to work. Not that she did not look for a job after graduation, it’s just that all the jobs she got offered her small money. One of them was at a bank where she was offered N50000 monthly salary but she rejected it. But Sizwe accepted the job at the supermarket where he earns N30,000 per month.

To keep herself busy, Msizi started a POS business in one corner of the street. She actually makes more money in a month than her boyfriend, Sizwe.

“Please, give me more time to put myself together. You know the salary I’m earning is not enough to take care of a family. I can’t get married while earning a salary of N30,000. We will end up hating each other because love needs money to flourish. Please, my love, give me a little more time. I need another two years to be ready financially. Believe me, I’m saving money for our marriage. Once I reach a certain threshold, I will propose to you and then we will get married.” Sizwe said. They were still in the bed that morning. Msizi had come the previous day and decided to spend the night with her boyfriend.

“That is what you always say. You have been saying this since we graduated from school. It no longer sounds good in my ears. I don’t want to hear it anymore. When do you think you will save the amount of money you want before getting married?” Msizi asked. It actually took her a lot of courage before she opened her mouth and told Sizwe about marriage. She has been thinking about it but she had always said it was not in her place to say, because she is the woman in the relationship and therefore, she waited for the man to do the needful. It seemed Sizwe was not ready so Msizi decided to take things into her hands.

“You are making it look as if I don’t want to marry you. Are you suspecting me? Have I ever lied to you? In fact, since the first day we met in school, I told you that you will one day be my wife. I told you clearly that I will marry you even when we were in school. What other confirmation do you want to have? Are you suspecting that I might be seeing another woman?” Sizwe asked. He stood up from the bed and started to prepare to go out. That day, he was supposed to go to the bank to collect new POS machines for the supermarket where he works. The previous week, he had gone to the new bank to open five new bank bank accounts. The bank told him to return for the POS machines attached to the account numbers. The owner of the supermarket trusts Sizwe so much because he is an honest man.

Since he became the cashier at the supermarket, no money has missed. Sizwe keeps accurate records and gives account of every cash.

“I don’t know if you are seeing another woman, but my heart is no longer at rest. Seven years is not seven days, neither is it seven months. I have been patient enough and I think I deserve an explanation as to why I don’t have a ring in my finger yet. By the way, where are you going? Are you not going to work today? Time is far spent.” Msizi asked.

“I’m not sure I can make it to work today. I have been asked to go the bank and pick POS machines. By the time I’m back from the bank, it might be too late for me to go to work. I will just relax and take the the POS machines to the supermarket tomorrow. Someone will assist me to do my job today.” Sizwe said. He dressed up and left the room after hugging Msizi.

“My dear, don’t worry, you will soon walk to the altar. I promise you, it will happen. Just trust me and give me some time my love. I will not disappoint you.” Sizwe said as he left for the bank.

Luckily for Sizwe, when he got to the bank, he was attended to immediately and he was on his way back with the five POS machines. He was so happy because he only had two POS machines before and they were not enough for use at the supermarket. When he got home, he found out that Msizi had gone to her shop.

“Let me take this opportunity to have a good afternoon sleep. It’s been long I slept in the afternoon. Thanks goodness I can sleep today. I wish I have this kind of opportunities everyday.” Sizwe said as he fell on the bed playfully like a child and dozed off.

He didn’t wake up until 10 pm in the night. In fact, it was Msizi who woke him up when she came back from her POS shop. She had finished cooking before deciding to wake Sizwe. But before then, she had done what she wanted to do.

She had gone to the bag where Sizwe kept the POS machines. She took one of them and swapped it with her own. She owns up to six POS machines from different banks. She used one of her own which is of the same colour with the ones Sizwe brought from the bank to do the swapping. She took one new POS from Sizwe’s bag and then put her own there.

“Let me secure my future with this one. This is a perfect plan. Now, any money that is paid into this particular POS in the supermarket will enter my account. No one will know that the POS does not belong to the the supermarket. With this now, even if Sizwe refuses to marry me in the future, I will use the money to compensate myself. I can’t be in a relationship for seven years and then lose everything. But if he ends up getting married to me, then we can enjoy the money together.” Msizi said happily as she carefully zipped Sizes’s bag and kept it where it was before leaving.

The next day, Sizwe took the POS machines to the supermarket without checking them. Immediately he arrived, he started using them.

The supermarket where he works is a very busy place where millions comes out every day. He is the only one in charge of collecting money from customers. He only has one person helping him to pack groceries for customers, but he always collects the money himself. This is instruction from the owner of the supermarket. The only time he doesn’t collect money is when he is not around. He put all the POS machines to use day. Any money money paid into the one swapped by Msizi goes to her account.

It was not long before money started rolling into her account. That day alone, she got N700,000.

“Wow! Poverty is gone forever!” Msizi said that evening. She was careful not to let Sizwe to know about her plans.

“When I get up to N100 million, I will travel abroad and live there” Msizi said.

Watch out for episode two.

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