Episode 1

Living with my mom and siblings was so fun, buh i had to find something to do in other to take care of both myself and them. In this country if u no get connection, yu re going nowhere.
Sitting in a wooden chair thinking of how to get rich, that was all i was thinking. I have tried so many business, buh none seems to be working out for me. With the little money i managed to save from selling authentic herbal soap, bet 9ja no gree make i keep am. Especially visual soccer.
I later switched over to lotto thinking say that i one dey eazi to predict, but all was to no avail.
Oh my God!! What am i to do??

This was the question that was ringing in my heart. Being a criminal or joining a secret cult no dey easy because u must loss something precious. So that wasn’t in my agenda. I was brought out of my thought by my little brother kc. He is my 18 years old brother.

Kc: bros, mum dey call you

me: ok niiii, i dey come.

Oh, i forgot to introduce myself.
Kingsley chukwuemeka Kent, buh ma friends ( both in school and in the street ) knows me as Xterkid. 22 years old, and a lover of football. My father house died last year, so my mom turned to both father and mother.
ME: ma, you called me !

Mom: yes, i did.

Me : i hope all is well

Mom: nna, all is well. I called yu here for me to know ur plans. You have been trying for this family, but i think is time for you to cater for urself.

Me: have been thinking of that , so i have decided to travel to lagos. One of my friends whose mum is rich asked me to come over so that he can help me get a job through his dad’s connections.

Mom: buh lagos is too far,

me: i will manage, nd besides, am now a man.

Mom: so be it, so when will yu be leaving.??

Me: maybe by next week.

Mom: ok.

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