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I immediately shifted back as Femi lowered his head to kiss me….




Femi was my aunt’s husband, and I have being living with her family for quite some time now — a period of almost 2 months. She had already given birth to 3 kids.

Her first son was within my age range… I was 19 and Frank was 17 and very handsome too, Solomon was 10 while the last born – Divine was 8 years of age.

They were all males and overly spoilt, in the sense that they couldn’t take good care of the home whenever their mum Jennifer was away.

And that was where I —Esther came into the picture, I was the extra helping hand needed to assist with the house chores especially when aunt Jennifer was away on her company trips.

She promised to take full responsibility for funding my education as far as I was going to help her take of the family whenever she’s absent

Due to the nature of her job, she was hardly ever around…it kept moving from one project to the other… she needed a house help but she refused hiring one.

And because of the evils occuring in the country. So she thought it better that a relative of the family should take up the work.

It was a golden opportunity for me and my family, owing to the fact that I come from a very poor background…a scenario where my both parents are uneducated.

We fed from hand to mouth….it was that bad. My parents struggled to make ends meet and it was very difficult to cater for our education

With every single passing day, the situation kept deteriorating.

So without hesitation, I immediately snatched the opportunity, who knows

maybe when I graduate from the University…. I may be the one to elevate my family from poverty

My parents were overjoyed, at least the burden of one child had being lifted from them…




I worked very hard for my aunt.

What ever chore she asked me to do, I did it diligently to the best of my human capacity…I knew my purpose there and concentrated on it not until my aunt’s husband started making passes at me.

Whenever Femi came home from work, he would always ask about my well-being…he would often if I had eaten and how I spent my day.

I was so free and open-hearted with him…

I didn’t take any of his profound kindness towards me seriously as I took him to be a lovely and caring father…who would take care of other children just like his own.

I took him as my father.

In fact we got so close to the extent I started calling him “dad” while he called me his baby.

And his wife wasn’t aware of all these happening.

But it didn’t take long before the sugar coated kindness and affection revealed it’s hidden agenda.

Femi would hold my hands and sometimes even ask me to hug him. I still took it as a normal something not until one evening when I was preparing dinner for the family.

I was in the kitchen while Aunt Jennifer was just in the sitting room watching the news.

Her husband Femi walked in….

“My baby,how have you been” he asked in a soft tone

“I’m fine dad” I replied, almost immediately.

“I missed you today, didn’t you miss me ” he asked with a smile on his face

Naive me still didn’t know what was going on so I replied “I missed you, daddy”

I noticed he kept staring at me while I prepared the food… the next thing he did left me speechless…..

I noticed Femi bringing his face towards mine.

“What is he trying to do”. I can’t be what I’m thinking…

I remained frozen at the spot as he brought his lips towards mine.

Instinctively, in a quick reflex…I tilted my head backwards away from his. I was more than surprised…

Was he in his right senses…

what was wrong with him

He must have realized himself as he quickly brought his face backwards and immediately left the kitchen in a somewhat shameful manner..

I still didn’t believe he tried to kiss me… I was dumbfounded.

I mean, his wife was sitted there in the sitting room.

A lot of thoughts kept racing through my mind;

What if I didn’t shift back…

What if we had kissed…

What if my aunt who just gave me the hope of a brighter future caught me kissing her husband in her own kitchen……what if?………

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