Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1


I groan and sluggishly got outta bed. The maids in my flip flop into my feet.

The other wore me a bathrobe. I walked towards the bathroom sluggishly and carefree.

The bath had been mixed and rose petals were all over.

I stepped into the bathtub letting the cold water relax against my skin.

The maids washed my body slowly while my eyes were shut.

Gush this feels so good.

I’m kelvin Cortez world second billionaire. Age 28. Have got everything I’ve worked for and it’s actually paying off.

Freakishly handsome , i managed to have The wavy cinnamon color like Hair color.

Girls tryna eat me up some wanna marry me others are after my cash and don’t even get me started on my d*ck size.

Girls would kill to have a taste of it.

Mom won’t stop bugging me about how am getting much older and should get married soon.

Well haven’t really seen the one I desire. All I want right now was to focus on my business Nothing but business.

I slide my feet into my 100 dollars leather shoes and wore a blue blazer.

All set looking all classy.

“Sir the car is ready.” My butler says and left my room.

I took a quick peak at my reflection and walked out ta my room majestically.

The door opened automatically and I walked towards my car.

The chauffeur opened the door for me and I stepped into the car .

Had a business conference outside Queens.

I relaxed and focused on my phone . had to go through my emails for work related mails.

The car came to halt somewhere around Venice.

“Why are we stopping Phil?” I asked as I glared at him.

” sir there seem to be a road bl..” Just then he was shot before he could complete his sentence.

“F*ck!!!” I exclaimed as some guys in hoodie opened fire at my car. I hid as a bullet greased my shoulder.

I gunshots stopped and I slowly opened the door and crawled outta the car.

I hid behind a tree and watched them search my car.

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