Episode 1

It was the end of the first semester examination.

Funmike wished she could stay back in her off campus hostel, a storey building adjacent to the school gate, divided into ten self-contain apartments.

Her first experience living on campus left a bitter taste in her mouth. She cherished the privacy the off campus hostel offered.

She wheeled the bags towards the gate. The taxi driver opened the boot of the vehicle and hurled the heavy bags in.

If she had a car of her own, things would have been easier. Buses and bikes would be a thing of the past. Her twenty-four year old elder sister who was serving in a Media house in Lagos had a red Toyota Camry. Her twenty year old younger sister got a green Toyota Camry on her birthday.

How her parents completely forgot that she also needed a car was lost to her. At times, it was as if she was invincible.

“I am ready,” the driver beckoned to her.
She got into the back seat of the car and sighed heavily. She wasn’t looking forward to going home.

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