Episode 1

Susan hugged Rea on seeing her and Rea who was getting used to her hugs pulled her closer realizing how she must be feeling since she had been in her shoes for a while too long.

“I’m glad you came.’’ She mumbled and smiled into her eyes
“me too.’’ She entered into the familiar house and looked around.
It still smelled and looked the same
The charm had gone though, knowing Mrs Brews was the one responsible for all the beauty, the décor and everything feminine about the house that made it look like a home.

Her mother was finally moving this time around; to the beautiful place she’d shown her few months ago and she hoped Sue would be able to take her parent’s separation like an adult and move on.

In fact, they needed to move on.
Rea looked up and saw Ryan strolling downstairs with a box containing more of Sue’s things, she suspected. And then his eyes grazed hers and he looked away.
She greeted out of reflex
“hi’’ was all he said and looked at Sue. ‘’this says shoes.’’
“yeah, just put them all in the van. We’ll sort it all out when we get home.’’
He strolled off with the box in hands making Rea to doubt if there was actually something inside the box he carried.
Rea stared at him till she was caught red-handed and she blushed when Sue coughed.
They didn’t have the chance to say anything before He came in and looked at his ex-girlfriend.
“you okay?’’ he asked noticing the blank look on her face
“I haven’t introduced you to Andrea, have i?’’ she smiled.
He turned then to look at the skinny brunette who looked like she’d seen something strange on his face.
“no, you haven’t.’’ his eyes stared into hers and for a moment, he knew there was something familiar about her. “Ryan Riverstone.’’
“I know you. Football team.’’
He squinted. ‘’have we met before?’’
“in school perhaps.’’
He shrugged and extended his hand. ‘’nice to meet you.’’
She received it and released her hands almost immediately.
‘’c’mon, lets go upstairs and round up this all stuff ‘cos this whole parade is getting on my nerves.’’
Ryan paved way for the both of them to step ahead of him while he followed behind.

“My mum’s driving so I’ll go join her in front while you two drive behind. I hope you don’t mind do you?’’ Sue fixed on her shades and smiled sweetly. When Ryan agreed, she tiptoed to kiss him on the cheeks and hugged Rea again, this time planting another kiss on her cheeks.
“he’s free just so y’know.’’ She grinned and winked at her. Rea turned red
“I don’t need a boyfriend!’’ she tried to ignore the heat she felt crawling up her but Ryan had already gone to his car leaving the door open for her.
“now run along, punkin’’ Sue teased in a british accent and hurried up to join her mother.
Rea went to join Ryan in the car.
He turned on the radio and left it on a station where Train was crooning drops of Jupiter and he hummed along while driving.
“I like the song.’’ She chiped in shyly.
“yeah, its cool. I love rock, I hope you don’t mind.’’
It was obvious he was in no mood for conversation with her. she couldn’t take this anymore. Seeing him behave this way towards her hurt her so much and she knew she could do something crazy if she kept silent and watched him hum to himself.
She remembered her skateboard and reached to tune down the radio so that he could hear her clearly.
“I’ll find my way from here.’’ She announced.
“what?’’ he looked at her like she had grown horns
“just stop the d–n car.’’ She repeated her hands on the door about to open.
He pulled the brakes and the car came to a halt.
Everything was like déjà vu to him.
“I have my skateboard.’’ She said without looking at him and pulled it out of her bag so as to throw it on the floor and tried to attain balance.
That didn’t take time and soon she was finding her way alone before Ryan caught up with her and pulled her to face him.
‘’you cant just run off like that…’’
“Rea…the name is Rea.’’ She jerked free from his disturbing touch and pushed herself further but he stopped her again.
“look, I don’t know what you want me to do Rea…’’
“you don’t have to do anything Ryan and so I’m making things easier for you. You don’t need a burden like me.’’
‘’okay. I’m sorry if I acted sort of weird..’’
“snobbish, proud and cocky’’ she added with an air of finality and skated off leaving him to stare after her.
Why did he feel like He knew her much more than this?

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