Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

So, every day I go out to find my own personal sex god.

Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I just want to find that one dude who meets my expectations. I have been doing this for about a mouth now and I’m starting to lose hope I’ve found three guys but no luck. well you might be wondering what am going to do after I find him well I’m not going to do anything he’s going to be the guy I call on when I want some good d!ck and that’s it, I don’t believe in marriage or love because people are always getting there hurt broken and people are always getting divorced so what’s the point in trying to find love?” I always say to myself.

But yesterday I thought I found my sex god… until he f*cked it all up.

Okay so here’s what happened, okay so I went into the club and I saw this fine light skinned man with a fresh clean cut and an eight pack and over all a fine ass body, so I go up to him and whisper in his ear while I touch his upper thigh and say my favorite line that I always say,

“Hey there sexy do you want me as much as I want you right now?”

I lean away bite my bottom lip and raise and eye brow waiting for a response. He flashes a mouth full of pearly white teeth and says, “You want to find out?” and with that I take his hand and lead him out the club “where’s your car?” I ask. “Right over there.” he says as he points to a Mercedes Benz.

I never bring my car when I’m hunting because I always find someone to drive me home whether it be a possible contender or a taxi cab. “Ok let’s go back to my place.” I always go to my place because I got the home game advantage my house is made for sex. Which is why it’s called the sex lair I have a big house thanks to my mom and dad who own a major car company. I have a big red room with a huge bed and a stripper pole set up and a cupboard with all the porno’s you could want. I have a bathroom in my room that has a Jacuzzi tub and I have a shower section with shower heads the size of your head. So basically, my place is the perfect sex room.

So, we get into the car and he starts the car and I told him how to get there and he starts to pull off and while he’s driving, I get an idea, I begin to undo his pants and zipper, he looks down and says,

“What are you doing?” I say, “trying to see if you can stay focused now drive me home and don’t you dare crash this pretty car.” I giggle and take his d!ck out ooh it is as big as I thought it’s a 10 incher. mm. I licked his head very slowly until his d!ck stands at full attention. I slowly lick his head and he let out a soft moan. That turns me on. Then I open my mouth and engulf his whole d!ck that makes him moan even loader. I began to move my head slowly up and down and he puts his head on the back of my head and guides me at the pace he would like it.



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