Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Winifred’s POV (Point Of View)

My family painted the town red on my wedding day.

My wedding was on every lip. I was the talk of the town. Every girl out there envied me and I couldn’t be more proud. My husband was God-sent and I wouldn’t have wanted another husband besides him in my next life. I was so overjoyed. Being a virgin, I had married my husband and he was so proud that I could abstain from sex in such a generation. I had seen so much admiration in his eyes after he had deflowered me and I was glad that I had waited this long for the right person.

Well, my nightmare began when his company decided to take him from me and tear down my marriage. Having been given a good promotion, he had been asked to relocate to Canada to oversee the affairs of the branch over there. He told me that plans to help move his family over there would only be valid after five years which meant that I was stuck in Nigeria.

I cried like a child and couldn’t be consoled. I just couldn’t bare the thought of not being with my husband or being able to see him everyday. Even though he promised to call frequently and communicate through Skype, I knew that no video call could replace having to see him physically. I wanted to touch him, kiss him and embrace him but now, that wouldn’t be possible anymore even though he promised to visit every six months.

On the day he was set to go, his mother and I accompanied him to the airport. I cried from the house to the airport in the car and when it was time for him to board the plane which was soon to depart, he hugged me but I just wouldn’t let go. His mother who had come with us had to tear me away from him so that he wouldn’t miss his flight. Forgetting my first class certificate and my pride and dignity, I crumbled to the floor and wept and passers-by couldn’t help but give me curious and puzzled looks.

I know it was embarrassing for my mother-in-law but she soon joined me in shedding tears. After much consoling and after watching the plane my husband had boarded, take off, I reluctantly agreed to go home. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I was the definition of restless. Even my favourite TV program felt bland and I was disinterested in it. All I wanted was my husband. Mother-in-law stayed with me for two days but soon had to go back to her base to take care of her business and I was left all by myself in the apartment.

Although, we were rich but we still lived in a rented apartment of four bedrooms flat because of our duplex was still under construction. My husband called me with an international number two days after he arrived his destination, and immediately I heard his voice, I started to cry again. He comforted me, called me a lot of pet names, made a thousand promises and that seemed to help me pull myself together.

Well, my problem started a few weeks after my husband travelled. I didn’t miss the cuddles and snuggling anymore because I now had a bigger problem before me, and that was sex. I was starved of it. My husband had deflowered me and left me hungry for it and at this early stage of not having any sexual satisfaction, I soon became frustrated and disoriented. Whenever I saw a movie and two people were kissing in it, my loin moistened up immediately. Watching Game of Thrones was not easy at all, with all the characters going at it like it was part of their daily obligations.

I didn’t know what to do. I could not masturbate because it just wasn’t my thing and I had no one to discuss it with besides my friends, Patricia and Amarachi. They were both married but like me, their husbands were always away for one reason or the other and I wondered how they managed to hold their bodies and deal with their sexual cravings.

When I explained my plight to them, they both burst into laughter and high-fived each other with knowing smiles and I wondered what both women were hiding from me. They were wives of wealthy men and had almost everything money could buy except the attention of their husbands. I tried to coerce them into telling me what their secrets were but Amarachi only shook her head and said before she sipped her glass of chadonnay “You will not understand, Winifred.” She told me.

Almost a fortnight later, I discovered Patricia’s secret myself. I was sitting beside her in her Jeep at the back of the car while her driver, Sani drove us to her large boutique where we were to stop for her to pick up something before we went for the wedding reception of an acquaintance. We were chitchatting and I noticed that Patricia and her driver kept exchanging secret glances and smiles through the rearview mirror. The first time it happened, I thought nothing of it but when it happened the third time I realised that something weird was definitely up.

I said something to Patricia that made her laugh and then Sani, the driver suddenly interfered by chipping in his own words, leaving me surprised that a driver would dare interfere in a discussion between his madam and her friend and just when I thought Patricia would scold him for such an act, she laughed instead and added: “You are such a naughty boy, Sani.”

I held my peace and said nothing at her surprising statement. When we finally reached her boutique, she asked me to wait for her in the car as she got down. As she was about to go, she paused and said, “Sani, please bring the bag from the trunk to my office now.” With these words, she disappeared into her boutique where the security guard and her staff greeted her warmly and through the glass wall, I saw her simply acknowledge their greetings with a wave of a hand before walking up the stairs to her office above.

Sani soon disappeared into the boutique too, carrying a polythene bag. I sighed and waited in the car and slowly, time ticked by. Several minutes later, I was already growing impatient and when I checked my wristwatch, I realized that Patricia had been gone for more than thirty minutes. I wondered what was keeping her for so long and she was very well aware that we would be late for the wedding reception if we didn’t leave soon. I pulled out my smart phone and dialed her number but she didn’t take my call. I dialed her five more times, yet no answer.

In frustration, I got down the car and walked into the boutique. The staff didn’t care to stop me when I made for the stairs because they were familiar with me, instead they greeted me with warm smiles. I went up the stairs and without bothering to knock, I opened the door and what greeted my sight was a shock.

On the office desk, laid my friend on her back with her thighs wide open. Her panties hung around one ankle and kneeling on the floor before her was Sani the driver. His head was buried between her thighs and the way he was eating her shaved Honeypot while he twisted her nipples simultaneously, one would think he had not eaten for days.

What struck me more was the way my friend whose eyes were closed, was moaning and squirming and pulling his head closer for more like she was high on something. She had zipped down her lace dress, taken her arms out of the sleeves so that she could bare her massive breasts and leave them to the mercy of her driver’s squeezing hands. The worst thing is that they were so engrossed in this oral act that they were oblivious to my presence.

“Patricia!” I cried out in disgust. I had never had oral sex in my life because the thought of it seemed so repulsive and I had vowed never to indulge in such an unholy act.

She suddenly jolted to a sitting position while Sani was so startled by the sound of my voice that he reeled back and hit his head against the wall. Since he was still dressed, he quickly dashed out of the office unable to meet my eyes.

“Your driver?!” I asked in disbelief.

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