Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Chukwudi (Real Name) is a first class graduate of Modonna university.

Chukwudi had a lot of prospect.

With how bright and successful he was academically and whatever he seemed to lay his hands upon while he was juggling school with a side hussle or two, no one had any doubt that someone like Chukwudi would make it BIG in life.


Chukwudi graduated and like everyone else, went for his NYSC.

Ten year had passed after NYSC and Chukwudi was still yet to secure his first job.

Every business he’d dived into in-between these years have crumbled, one after the other.


One morning, Chukwudi woke up very early, took his bath and made his way out of the house.

“His destination?” I’m sure you’ll be wondering.

Even Chukwudi knew not, at the time.

He trekked aimlessly, thinking about his miserable life, probably wondering where he’d gotten it wrong.

He’d walked miles away from home when he suddenly began to hear (from afar) people binding and casting from the top of a mountain.

Something in him whispered, telling him to run up there, in that instant.

Chukwudi did.

On the mountain top, Chukwudi met a lot of people praying, shouting “DIE BY FIRE, DIE! DIE! DIE ! DIE!” and he didn’t need any more invitation to join in on the “DIE BY FIRE” chant.


Because of the intensity in the way these sets of Christians pray, Chukwudi that was now looking haggard couldn’t keep up.

He left for his house that day (in the middle of that prayers) without a word to anyone.

Chukwudi got home and slept off.

In that state, he had a dream.

He saw a calabash.


Chukwudi assumed it an ordinary dream until the same dream had reoccurred multiple times, it became worrisome.

This was how Chukwudi ran back to that mountain, to see the “Man of God”.

The “Man of God” stopped half way into praying for Chukwudi, dipped his hand into his pocket, counted one thousand naira notes and handed them over to Chukwudi with instructions.

“Travel back home (the village) to your father this minute. When you get there, ask him about your calabash”.

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