Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“Take your money!” The passenger I dropped paid me as he dropped from the car’s back seat, I smiled. I geared the car and drove out of the place to another location, when I got to my destination I placed my leg on the break paddle and the car came to a halt.

I came down from the car and went to the back opened the booth and took a portrait of my girlfriend, I have paid an artist to do it and I have taken it before I conveyed the passenger to his location. I parked my car along Alakahia axis in Port-Harcourt, I walked into a street that isn’t tarred, since my destination isn’t far from the main road.

I push opened the gate that isn’t locked, there are many apartments that are self-contains and flats. I walked to the one I rented for my girlfriend, the more I got closer the soft m–ns became louder. I pushed open the protector and the first door isn’t locked was slightly open, I entered the room unnoticed to find my girlfriend and a boy having s-x shamelessly.

She was on him and rode him expertly like a p-nstar, the boy hands were on her br–sts. I swallowed hard as their sweaty body gleamed under the light. The portrait on my hand fell and slammed on the tiled floor as it shattered into pieces, both of them disengaged suddenly. I felt hot tears gathered in my eyes I let them flowed down my cheeks, “Angel..” I choked with those words.

“Oga, who are you?” The boy with Angel asked me, I swallowed. “Baby, I don’t know him oh, it could be one of those demented human beings that can’t spell privacy, he must be an illiterate” Angel said as her br—st heaves while she talked. I went mad at everything, I clenched my fists to beat senses into the young man but I kept quiet and walked away.

I felt the sun smiled down on me, I walked down to my car without myself. I rested my head on the steering and thought about my life.

Why me?

Am I born to suffer?

When will all these pains go away?

These were thoughts going through my mind then. I am the first born of my parents amongst two children they had, it was a hot afternoon when I ran from school to home.

I heard about rumours of ghastly accident that all the victims lost their life, I couldn’t stay back in school. I was really bothered, I was in SSS2 then. On getting to my compound I find my relatives in the compound with sad looks, they broke the news of my parents death to me.

Months later my parents were buried and burial rites were done, it didn’t take long for my relatives to lay claims to my parents properties. I fought so hard against them, they were angered that I refused letting them have anything from their late brother so they vowed never to help my sister and I, life was very tough for me.

I sold most of my parents lands and bought a bus, when I returned from school I go the park with the bus and conveyed passengers. It happened like that, I was able to utilize the money to register my kid sister’s into Junior secondary school, after I wrote waec I pulled out of school. The result came out good, but I still read, I wanted to save enough money to buy a new bus and a car to add to the one I had.

I promised myself that I will train my sister in the university, there was a day I was driving from Port-Harcourt to Ahoada, at the junction I met an angel that took my heart away. I almost killed myself if I am not skilled in driving “driver, I get pikin oh” one of the passenger said to me “who you wan use do ritual?” Most of them in the bus didn’t take it kindly with me with words, all of them dropped from the car afterwards. I came down from the bus and called the girl I saw, she was hawking pure water.

“Oga, you wan buy pure water?” She asked me as she ran to me, she was tall with wide hips, a nose that settled the shape of her face. Her hairs braided neatly showcasing the works of nature “yes, give me pure water two” I told her. She gave me the pure water and wanted to leave after I paid her “but wait, you are too beautiful to be hawking, why are you not in school?” I asked her, she smiled shyly “I have admission to study in the university, my parents alone cannot raise the money this is the only way i can support myself” she explained calmly, I took pity on her. I gave her my number to call me later.

I returned home that day, my phone rang and it was a strange number. “Hello” I said into the receiver “is me, the one you gave your number today” the voice on the other end replied “oh, I didn’t even ask of your name” I said to her “my name is Angel” she said happily. “Look Angel, I want to help you, can we meet up tomorrow?” I said into the receiver, she was quiet for awhile before she responded “yes”.

That night was the longest night in my life, I kept on tossing on my bed till the daylight came. My sister took her bath and left for school, while I prepared for work since I planned meeting her that evening.

I even planned to take her home, I couldn’t get her out of my head through out that day.

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