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Oh my God! ,it’s really been a good job I must tell,I enjoyed creating scenes with Rich guys or men for living,you wonder how, well,I might just pick a fight with them in public ,at times I claim taking as prostitute and them refuse to pay me up but mostly shout at them and claim been pregnant,so how do I get paid in return,they might just try stopping me from talking and ask me what I wanted ,I remembered the last one I did with a high chief,it nearly got me into trouble but I was saved


I was at my usual club one Saturday night,I sighted this chief from afar ,an old man in his early 50 ,he walked in majestically with an agbada attire and a cap on,you know how does rich old men dresses now ,he sat at a corner side opposite me,I focused my sight on him with my leg crossed but he doesn’t seems to notice anything,he took a glass of wine,I can’t tell if it was alcoholic or not ,all I knew was I followed him immediately he left the club house

Hey hey hey,I shouted waving at the chief and he paused to look back , of course why won’t you stop to check if you hear someone approaching you

You think you can escape right ,you slept with me an ran away,and you called yourself a chief ,old man for that matter ,look at me,am I not worth your children age and you still cheated me of my money ,pay me here before I called everyone attention

The old man stood perplexed and stare at me confusingly

Are you dear old man

Before I knew it,two hefty man jumped out from no where and drag me by

I frightened in fear as I struggle for freedom

“Spare here” chief said as he handed me some thousand naira note

I understand he concluded his words and went back inside his car and the two guys followed him immediately,

I waited no longer nor returned to the club house ,I ran out of the club compound immediately and headed to my house,what an escape


But that still doesn’t stop me from continue ,I mean if I don’t continue,how will I survive this cruel world alone ,I mean I have mother to take care of and I have myself to Carter for,well I have a family that are rich but there is this saying that says

Same parentage does not compel compassion,I hustle it myself


I took my phone and dialed my mum’s number ,it’s been my daily routine to always hear my mum’s voice ,if not every hour then four times a day,well don’t blame me for that ,mind you u I am not mum’s pet ,iya Ayo just happened to be the only person I know right from birth,I have families like I said early but that’s from mum side,not that I don’t know my dad family but I departed from them right the day we vacated my dad’s house ,why did we have to do that ,it’s another story entirely,I was the sixth born among ninth in my dad’s place but the only one left with my mum ,don’t get me wrong,I never said the only born ,we were three before it became only me,I had twins ,two boys as my younger siblings but they died ,wonderless how it happened,I will explain little about me and my family but that’s not now

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