Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Continued from last episode..


“…. Luke stop it! I am tired!” I said as we kept throwing pillows at each other.

“So soon? We haven’t even played for up to an hour.” He said pouting his mouth.

“You are so playful.” I said hitting him with the pillow for the last time before jumping on him.

“Ouch, that hurts. You have weight you know?” He said wrapping his hands around my a**.

“I think Mr Luke Progusten knew that before getting married to me. So you should complain.” I said smiling as he moved his head up to kiss me.

“I am not complete, I am just letting you know, so that you know how to jump on this thin body next time.” He said making me laugh.

“I told you to go to the gym.” I said standing up.

“I will love. I am just scared of carrying those materials. I could break into two.” He said and I bursted into laughter.

“Come on Love, you are not that bad. You are fatter than I am.” I said and he sighed looking at my b*TT.

“Not where that is.” He said and I spanked him on the shoulders.

“That is rude of you.” I said making him laugh.

Meet Mr and Mrs Progusten, two couples you will ever admire. You will forever wish your marriage can be like theirs.

They didn’t actually meet an an heavenly way, it was war for them to go against their family to be together.

They family were of totally opposition of them been together because they had a fight and hated each other.

But Silver and Luke didn’t let this disrupt the love they had for each other, so they eloped to another country so start a new life.

Ignoring the complains and cries of their parent. They wanted love to prevail.

But will these sweet love continue this way?

What will eventually go wrong?

Will there be any wrongs at all?

Remember people will always put your love to test.


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