WhatsApp Adventure (Season 4)

Episode 1

shade. I love you Tony, please make love to me?,

I couldn’t alter a word as those words sound on my head gbagam!, I wanted to reject this offer but shade shape flashed through my head, I looked at her again to confirm the current situation,
she stood up and came to me , bend down and planted another kiss on my lips, this time she pushed me to lay on the bed while our lips are still locked up, she climbed on top of me, and our lips were still intact, shade can really kiss for Africa, my (odenigbo) was already up, but was still on mask, she was really kissing me as if her life depends on it, me I cannot missed this opportunity ooh,

I don’t really love shade, I don’t ever want to do this with her, but after seeing shade today, and all that she has been doing, I started feeling love for her, I don’t really know if this is love or lust, but anyone shaa,, am going to do this today,

she was just all over me, she has pulled up my shirt, I cannot fall my own hand and put my village people’s to shame, so I started romancing and caressing her boob’s, oh my gosh they were so Huge, I started massaging them, she started moaning on my mouth,
everything was happening so fast, I quickly take over from her, I turned her over and she smiled, I unbutton her shirt to see those fear beautiful boob’s on a pink bra,

me. are you sure you want to do this??

shade. yes Tony, I have always wanted to do this from that first time we meet at my sisters house in your school, remember we are on it before she distracted us, I can’t wait any longer please continue before another person comes again today,

me. are you a virgin??

shade. no

after taking this order I unhook her bra to unmask those beautiful Boob’s,, oh my gosh even when this Boob’s are this huge, they are really still standing this attention, I almost shouted, she saw the reactions on my face, and asked what the problem was, but I replied nothing., she smiled and ask me to continue and be fast,,

I went down immediately, put my right hand through her leggings to locate her puna, wow she was dehm wet, I removed her leggings, she was also wearing a pink pant , I removed the pant, to see the World Best puna, neatly shaved, I think she shaved it today, because there is no sign of hair around the puna and the surface was very sharp,
I bed down to give her the sucking of her life,
you know what am best, but she held my head and asked,

shade. what do you want to do?

me. to give you head ,

shade. what’s that? I have not done it before,

me. then let me do it you will enjoy it,

shade. no please don’t, just make love to me am super wet please,

me. just cool down and let me do what I want,

I couldn’t let her say another word as I quickly take my tongue to her puna,
I spread her legs to give me more space to her puna, then I started with her clit , she almost jump up immediately my tongue touched her clit, and she also shouted, I took the pillow trow to her , she understood as she used it to close her mouth,

I went back to work holding her very tight, I inserted my tongue again on her clitoris, she wanted to jump again but I held her very strongly, I started by gently licking her clit, she was moaning very hard but the pillow couldn’t let it out that much, I started twisting my tongue all around her clitoris, the kind of moan I was getting from her seems as if she was crying, but I know she was enjoying it,

I moved my tongue to her main entrance, as I wanted to tongue bleep her,, I pushed my tongue in and she started shaking, she removed one of her hands from the pillow she was using to cover her mouth, as she held my head and my pushing it more in, she was pushing it too hard that I found it difficult to breath, I removed my head to at least breath, but I don’t want her to regain her self, so I quickly inserted one of my finger in her puna , and I started to bleep her with my finger? , her puna was very tight, but she was very wet, she was moaning and calling my name as I was fast bleeping her with my finger, I stopped and added another finger making it two, as I continued, I finger fucked her for like 10minutes, before I removed my fingers, and inserted my tongue back,, the held my head again, as I started I started whining my tongue inside her puna, she was sweating, she was crying and moaning at the same time, she help my head very tight and shouted very loud as all my body received the Easter night holy water, really I thought someone has caught us and pored the water on us,

I quickly withdrawn as I noticed the water was from her pussy , what the hell,? I have never seen this kind of thing before, what was that, I wanted to ask her if she just peed, but I looked at her, she was very week, her eyes were half opened, and she was breathing so fast, so I quickly rushed to the bathroom to clean my self up,

when I returned, shade was already fast asleep,
I just lay beside her, as mind started fast backing on what just happened,, this water is too much to be called pee, and it rushed very faster than a pee, anyway no matter what it is, am happy I made her sleep,

to be continued..

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