WhatsApp Adventure (Season 4)



Episode 4

Clara was very beautiful, tall, fair and has that huge backyard with small portable boob’s,, her shape was so killing,, that every guy we pass on the road looks at her lustful ,, as we chat while going home together,

Clara. Tony that’s nice,, how old are you??

me. why do u ask??

Clara. I just want to know,,

me. OK am 17 and you??

Clara. no wonder you are so scared in front of your fellow men,, u can’t even defend your self,, or fight for your self,, u just stay looking like a sheep that is to be slaughtered,

me. I don’t really know what happened to me there oo,, it’s on like me,, but let’s forget about it ,

Clara, haha, anyway to your question am your senior,, am 18,

me. OK,

Clara. so u call me aunty from today,

we get to our gate,, our gate man was just one side kneeling and standing, with mat on the ground, u know nah,, aboki man prayer,, (Allahkumar’s),, we looked at each other and walked pass him with out saying a word to him,, he seems so serious,, so we dare talk, I resumed our conversation,,

Me. what did you just say??

Clara. I said you should be addressing me as aunty when ever u see me,, because I senior you and I saved you today,,

me. OK aunty, hope you are OK now,,

Clara. good

me. but it’s just a year ooo

we got to her door step,, and she entered and bade me bye,, I thought our conversation is gonna take a more time but she Shorten it,, anyway I have no other option than to enter inside shaa, ,, I sat on my bed thinking about what just happened today,, so if Clara didn’t really come,, this guys would have really locked me up like that,, omo some guys are wicked oo,, anyway thank God Clara came oo,, she really deserved to be called aunty ooo,,

after thinking I went to the seating room to and started watching a film,,

at around 5pm my aunty came back from work with Nora, I opened the door for them,, I greeted my aunty and Nora,, as we all entered inside,,

aunty amaka. bobo how are you today,

Me. am fine aunty and you..

aunty amaka. am fine ooo, hope you had something to eat today,

me. yes aunty, Nora will be staying with us from today,, because she will be following me to work everyday,, so I can’t be waiting for her to come from their house everything am ready, it might lead to me going late sometimes, , I have meet with her parents and they said she can stay with us till her programs are over,,
so dear I want you both to understand each other,, and secondly, she will be staying In your room,, please dear I know you won’t like it,, but please do allow her and be good to her,, I know you are a good boy,, make her your friend, she is a good girl,,

(eeeh what did she just say?? madam wetin u just say,, that I won’t like it?? Who said so,, me I like ooo,, is it your staying?? Abeg if na how we dey yesterday night,, Abeg me I like am,, infact na she even get the room,,) saying if in my mind ooo lol,

me. OK aunty,, welcome Nora,

aunty amaka. good boy, one more thing,, you will follow her now to her house to help get some of her things,, while I prepare dinner,,

me. OK anty,,

omo if u see the kind speed wey i take wear my slippers,, u go think say I wan go carry award,,

I followed her downstairs,, I saw Clara washing some cloths,, she greeted Nora and they both joked like best friends,, I come dey wonder how come, how dey take know,, anyway let me not put mouth,, I just walked pass,, we got to her house,, wow her father is rich they are even living in their own house,, omo if you see fine house,, her siblings was at home,, they came and greeted her,, she introduced me to her mum,, seems her dad wasn’t around,,

after killing some times, we are finally on our way home,, with some of her belongings,,

nora. have you been at home since morning??

me. no, I went out a take a walk,

Nora. ok

me. when did you guys left this morning,,

Nora. around 5am,

me. that was early

Nora. that’s it,, the nursing work,

we chat more tomorrow we gat home,, Uncle was already home,, we took her things to the room,, we came out and meet uncle the seating room watching news updates, we greeted him,, I sat down while Nora we to the kitchen to help my Aunty


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