Written by: Queen Richie
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual personal living or dead ,event, or localities ,is entirely coincidental

Episode one

Adeyeye’s palace was high upon the hill overlooking the town, it’s many pointed towers giving it the look of an eccentric crown. The walls were a white stone that glistened in the summer sun and the roof was grey slate. It was as big as twenty of the ordinary houses of the town and employed a good number of the townsfolk as servants. Around the palace were the horse pastures and kitchen gardens for the royal family, and around that was a stone wall topped with iron spikes and guarded day and night.
Princess Ewa walked into her father’s room
“Your Majesty ”
“Dad you sent for me ” She said as soon as she settled into the chair beside her Father’s king size bed
“Yes my princess, you look stunning, beautiful and lovely ” King Adeyeye said
“Thanks Dad” Princess Ewa said blushing
“Just like me ” Queen Wumi said as she dashed in smiling
“I guess father and daughter are sitting together to gossip about me and my son Right?” Queen Wumi said sitting beside Princess Ewa
“Yea, Mum that reminds me what about Prince when will he come back I called him he’s acting somehow will he stay there forever ” Princess Ewa asked resting her head on Queen’s shoulder
“Hmm very soon okay I guess he is enjoying him self there in London” King Adeyeye replied and gave Queen Wumi a long stare,which Ewa never understand
“Hmm I’m suspecting you Dad and Mum is like Prince will be back soon ” Ewa said
“Whatever” Queen Wumi said
“Well I called you here because I want you to visit King Adetola’s kingdom when you get there you will understand what I want you to do okay ” king Adeyeye said
“Okay Father but you know I don’t like going there ” Princess complained
“And are you saying No to your father Ewa ” Queen Wumi said
“No Queen you should understand, princess Aduni is rude going there seeing her is what I hate well their kingdom is powerful, beautiful and developed but still I hate her and me going there she will want to keep my company, and that’s what I hate the most ,rude ,proud arrogant everything worst and also she is. ……..”
“Enough Ewa what are you saying are you turning me down are you saying you are not going or what “King Adeyeye cut in
” I’m sorry father, I need space pls I need to rest my head “Ewa said on her knees
“It’s okay but by 3:30pm you are leaving and also you are spending your night there ” King Adeyeye said and stared off
“Mum ,okay ” Ewa rushed out holding her chest
“Now ” I understand trying to make peace be twee me and princess Aduni ohoh impossible, that proud ,spoiled and what again never I can’t be her friend if she try s–t with me I will prove to her that I’m princess Ewa ,I will teach her manners mtcheeeeew”

At King Adetola’s kingdom
Ewa’s P.O.V
I walked towards the palace made entirely out of golden arches and pillars. It was completely open. King Adetola ,Queen Adesewa and there spoiled princess welcomed me to their kingdom
” Princess you come alone” Aduni asked
“You mean ? ” I asked trying to get her point as I sipped the chilled wine they gave to me
“Oh you mean you don’t understand, okay I mean your maid should come with you as princess ,you drive down here your self who does that as a princess” Aduni said
“Oh I see ,well I don’t need them I have my hands ,and also why will I go around with my servant I’m not the type hmm ” I said and stared off ,she gave her parent a long stared I’m sure my word hit her
“It’s okay let’s go to the dinning” Queen Adesewa said while King Adetola fake a smile and princess Aduni jaw down like I care doh
I spent my night in her room coz she insist but I notice something strange she’s acting somehow ,she should stay away from me since I’m not giving her chance to be my friend she keep on forcing me to be her friend I spent two days with them she’s acting nice I think she now turned a new leaf
I’m about to leave then I was giving the shock of my life when she told me she’s coming with me
“But princess you……..”
“You can’t understand Ewa my love is back home ,he’s there in your kingdom waiting for me hmm”She said blushing
” Really and who is that lucky guy and are you saying your husband is from our kingdom “I asked
“Hmm You can’t understand” She said
“Okay let’s go” I said and stared at her beauty truly she’s beautiful only that she lack manners she sat with me in my car while her driver drove down to my kingdom also her maid in the other car following us she can’t change

At Adeyeye’s kingdom
Prince’s P.O.V
Back home ,I stepped out of my car all the savant in the palace lineup male at my right side ,female at the left side ,father and mum waiting for me at the entrance smiling
“Welcome back home Prince” Dad and mum said
“Sweet home ,sweet home ” I shouted then one of our maid step out making my way pouring red rose flowers on my way as I walked on the red rug laid for me
“Your Majesty” All the savant chorused,while I waved at them .
I walked in ,discussing with King and Queen then Princess walked in with a beautiful princess they later introduced to me as Aduni
“Big bro I missed you ” Ewa said hugging me
“Same here” I replied the hug last for some minutes ,Aduni sat beside me
” You look good ,welcome back home”Aduni said
“Thanks Angel,you are not bad too ” I replied
“You said ? ” Ewa said
“Ewa don’t act funny shhhhhhh okay ” King Adeyeye said and she stared off
“Okay ” Ewa replied bit her lips
“I’m lost what’s going on ” I asked and stared round
“Prince here is Aduni ,the lady I told you about ,Adetola’s princess ” Queen Wumi said smiling
“What! ” Ewa shouted
“Never not my brother ,no way ” Ewa said to her self and excused her self
“Aduni of all people no way never are they trying to join them together why? this is impossible never ” princess Ewa shouted as soon as she entered her room


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