Episode 1

Jane and Jessica POV

Hurray!!! we both screamed as the party was getting more spiced up with the DJ giving in different song…

Jessica: This is the best summer ever

Jane: of course its true but its over now, first thing tomorrow we will resume school

Jessica: yes but am just gonna enjoy this party now….

Author POV
As the party was still going on, the light goes off , then came up again but this time it was showing different colours ..

A group of guys entered the party..

everyone was like
The guys were four in number, the first is taller than the rest..

his hair is grey and black, he looks very cute , his eyes were very dark making him so attractive.., he had a jean and shirt on.
he walks in majestically with the other two guys following behind.
everyone turn including Jane and Jessica.
some girls speak silently
“I wish he was mine”
“oh my gosh..he is so cute
” I love him…


The devil is here, I so much hate..he’s such a bad player…Jessica said
“I also hate him but don’t let him spoil your mood now , remember today is the end of summer break, so let’s have our fun…Jane said
” yes that’s true..I can’t let that good for nothing player spoil my mood..I said and continue dancing with Jane . But I can’t just get my eyes off him, he look more cute tonight..

we were both staring at each other , then I began to think what if we haven’t break up , I would have be his date tonight .
I wish we were still together.

I was still lost in thought when Jane brought me back to life
“hey jess , are you OK?? ..Jane asked
” oh ..oh .emm.oh..am fine , what’s it??..I asked
“hey , were you thinking about him??…Jane asked
” he..him..oh common ..am thinking about him OK, so tell what’s up…I said even I knew I was d–n lying …I just broke the rules ” NO LIES ”

” Actually , Ally was waving at you…Jane said
“common Jane you know I hate that guy…who cares about his waving, common let’s continue with our fun…I said

Ally is one of guys that have been disturbing me but d–n it , I hate him so much.
As the party goes on..I was still looking at him but secretly so that Jane won’t catch me looking at him

All of a sudden , a girl just went straight to where he was sitting , sat on his laps and started kissing..
‘piper that’s her name, I hate her so much she is the famous w—e of our school, always throwing herself at any guy…and right now I feel like strangling her .

I was still watching them , expecting him to push her away or stop the kiss but instead he enjoyed it as he grab the girl’s butt so tight and sq££ze while the useless girl just m0an out..

” Jane common let’s go …I said as I drag Jane out of the party Hall..
“common jess, what is it..why did you drag me out that way, what’s wrong.. Jane asked the moment we step outside
” nothing, we should just go so that we won’t get drunk again..I said
“are you OK best…Jane asked
” of course I am…I replied
“I hope its not what am thinking ..Jane said
I smiled then said ” No its not, remember I told you it is over between us then..so I meant it, I don’t love him again and I will never love…I said

“are you sure there is no secret.. remember the RULES.. Jane said
” of course I remember, common let’s go now..I said as I drag Jane’s hand.

(within me)
All these is because of you Albert, you made me lie to my friend, I hate you , I hate you so much .

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