Episode 1

What started out as a simple, no-strings-attached relationship evolved into much more.
Maybe it was the jolt of electricity Nancy felt when she first met Jude, or Nancy fell in love with him and lost her senses. The first time they met, Jude could see the aurora dancing in her eyes. She was love struck.

Nancy and Jude met at a friend’s wedding, After the wedding, they both became fast friends and in few months, they started dating, Jude treated Nancy like a queen. Jude was an engineer and he was doing great for himself. Nancy thought that Jude was the right person for her.

She gave herself entirely to Jude, as she was in love with him. Jude was calling her and texting her every day. Actually- he was texting her 10 times a day. His texts were highly flirtatious, very aggressive and hard to resist. For example, one said, “Nancy, I can’t imagine my life with out you, Nancy you are my last bus stop, we will make beautiful babies together, one day”.

Tell me, what girl would not want to receive a text like that from a man she is smitten over!
Not only did Jude text her lots of sweet hopeful texts, he would also send her great and expensive gifts.

He was a perfect gentleman.

All Nancy could think about was spending the rest of her life with him, nothing else matters. Nancy was so beautiful that her beauty always attracted other men whom were begging for her attention, she bluntly told them she was taken.

“No one, had loved me like Jude and no one would be perfect and genuine like him” She had thought
Jude was just too perfect and Nancy adore him so much until one day, Nancy got a text message from an unfamiliar number
” Husband snatcher, Home breaker, leave My Husband Jude, alone or I will tear you apart. As you have refused to allow me enjoy my marriage in peace, your life will never know peace”

Nancy felt bad and shattered.

“So Jude is a married man, no….that can’t be true” She thought, she told Jude about the text and he told her to met up with him in thier usual place -A fancy bar
“My love is not what you think, let’s met up and I will explain everything to you” He told Nancy.

Nancy went into a deep thoughts, she wondered why Jude had never invited him over to his house or introduce her to his friends and family. “we only met up in the bar or an hotel, Jude is definitely hiding something” She thought

That same day, They finally met at the bar and Jude confessed “Nancy, yes I’m married with two children, two boys but I don’t love my wife anymore, She is giving me problems, We are sleeping in separate bedrooms, we are still staying together for the sake of our children, We both want a divorce and the lawyer is working on it, I’m leaving her very soon, I find it easier to talk to you than her, I’m not with you just for the sex, I just realized that marrying my wife was a big mistake, How I wish I met you before her, My life would be better with someone like you,
I love you, I want to marry you, please give me time to sort things out and then we will be together forever” Jude said calmly and Nancy believed all his lies.

They sat across from one another at the bar, reaching over the table to touch hands, caressing thier thumbs. Nancy was quick to warm up to Jude as if being married was nothing, they joked, laughed and talked, Nancy sat in pure adoration. She loves Jude more than her own life.

Three years later, Jude was yet to divorce his wife and Nancy allowed Jude to continue to deceive her.

Whenever they met, The wedding band in Jude’s ring finger reminds her of the torture. Jude will then fumbles the wedding ring into his pocket, quick with fear, and will apologize for wearing the wedding band. “Its not what you think, I wear the wedding band for mere formalities, we will soon be together, don’t worry” Jude will always say. Nancy’s heart was in shambles but she was too in love with Jude and she can’t imagine life without him.

One would think after three years of dating a married man that Nancy might have figured out that thier relationship had no future But no, she was so much in love as the first time they met.

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