Episode 1

Mum: better come out o , have told you to pack all your luggage yesterday but u ignored me, you kuku know your dad, he can change his mind and ask you to find your own way to the park

Dad: what is that boy still doing now, I got something else to do than waiting for you o, you better come out now or you will find your own way to the motor park

Mum: you see what I’m talking about abi, he will be out soon yi hankuri(have patience)
I make sure I packed all my stuff before going out cuz I hate forgotten things while traveling.(can’t come and spend my money on something twice which I already have)
We reach the motor park in no time and to God be the glory, I’m the last person they are waiting for so we are good to go but first, I told the driver that I can’t sit at the back so he manage to got me a sit at the front(with fire ni o cuz others that already sit there don’t want to agree)and lucky for me I’m sitting next to to a girl, she’s not that beautiful buh she can be manage sha(sorry to lied to you,I don’t mean you are not beautiful o buh not that beautifu, hope you get it don’t come to my DM and disturb o) and seriously she’s amazing travelling with, shes makes me smile all the time, her name is Bukola.

Me: so what are you going to do in Knt

Bukola: schooling ni o

Me: and your parent allow you schooling at north at this time of boko haram

Bukola: yes now and its not everywhere in the north that they attack nah, WO ki olorun ma sowa ni(my God protect us)

Me: amen, kinda feeling sleepy, abi you want join me ni(abi you will join me)

Bukola: you sleep, lemme play some music
I don’t know how long have doze off buh Bukola just smile at me when I’m awake.

Bukola: sleeping boy, you are just smiling while sleeping hope all is well

Me: smiling keh, maybe nah your imagination o

Bukola: but you look cute while sleeping( she return pressing her phone and pretend as if she’s doing something important)

Me: e she ma(thank you ma)
She show me something on her phone and we keep on gisting till we reach our destination.

I intentionally don’t ask for her number cuz I want her to be the one asking.when she reach where she’s going to get down, she said

Bukola: are you not happy talking to me or you are not interested in seeing me again.

Me: I’m happy and I’m looking forward to seeing you again, but why did you ask(put on innocent face)

Bukola: we will talk about that later, tge driver is complaining just take my phone and give me your number, I will call you when I reach my hostel.

I just smile and do as ordered, she wink at me and said hope am not going to disappointe her in our next meeting.
I just laugh
I think this girl don’t know me sha, she don’t know why I’m called Mr chiller
Someone should tell her o, I can make her forget home o

The driver firstly drop everyone before taking me home, everyone is outside waiting for cuz have called them that I’m about to reach home.when the driver drop me, he said
Driver I think that girl likes you, why don’t you try your luck on her, I know she go agree
Hope this one don’t smoke gbana, wetin give this one mouth to talk.

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