Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Deji left his one bed room apartment in Mushin that sunny morning with just enough money in his pocket to get him to his destination. He had made the humble apartment his home for the past five years after he had graduated from the university with a second class upper in economics. Times were hard and jobs were scarce, and Deji managed to get by with the meager earnings from a variety of odd jobs he pulled in order to survive.

He had left his parents and siblings behind in his village in Ogun state when he gained admission into the university, the first in his family to do so, and the hope of his terribly impoverished people. Ten years down the line however, luck did not seem to be shining down on him in any form as he was still a part of the crowd patrolling the streets of Lagos looking for a means of sustenance. He had tried his hands on various enterprises but none seemed to be remotely close to a success. Now, he did whatever it was that came his way just to put food on his table, and a roof over his head. Standing at six feet one inch tall, he stood a head above his friends, with a dark and rugged look that bellied a fine young man, he managed to maintain his bulging biceps and wash board pecs despite his poor diet. The night before, he had received a call from a friend of his, informing him of a job opportunity in Lekki, the job involved cleaning pools and the pay promised to be substantial.

He was in a beer parlor/w—e house when the call came in. He had already paid the four hundred naira fare for his favorite girl Ronke and was waiting for her to be done with a client so he could go in and taste of her pleasures. He was meanwhile getting himself ready for the job ahead with a bottle of Guinness and a plate of pepper soup. His phone rang, and he picked it up, after recognising the number as his bosom friend Makun.

They exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a while when Makun informed him of the deal ”My guy I get Control for you o” Makun informed him ”Na so brother o, wetin be her color?” He replied ”Guy you too like woman” his friend chided with a derisive laugh ”Na job I dey talk about o” ”oh, my brother, no mind me o, I dey interested o, give me the gist” ”Na Pool cleaning o.

Abi you sabi do the job? Na correct pay o, and na Lekki e dey” ”Brother me I no know much about that one o, but if the money good why not?” ”You go learn am o. I say make I give you as per you be my guy and I know say you need money badly now, plus better extra benefit dey o” Makun added with a sly laugh.

He went on to explain that Deji will be paid three thousand naira daily for cleaning pools at that area and that it was an opportunity he didnt want to miss. It was with extra energy that he pumped Ronke when he eventually went into her room, making her wonder wether he had been possesed by spirits.

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