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Dad if am to hear you correctly, you mean you find another job for me ? at the palace..? , without asking me first?” Pamilerin Henshaw demanded indignantly , “baby your mother and I thought it will make you happy, and besides you know we are not comfortable with that activist job” he tried to cajole her, “baby girl this job will be good for you and besides it a temporary job, just for a month or so, and all you need to do is to stand in as the king’s secretary pending the time that they will get a stable one, please have already given the King’s adviser my word” .

“But dad you know I have other commitments” , she groans.

“Sweetheart please just do this for me love” he cajoled her.

“you know I can’t say no to you..”. She groaned in frustration at the situation her father has backed her into.

” OK dad I will do it , I just hope I won’t regret this, you know how much I hate working for arrogant men, and have heard it from a reliable source that he isβ€””

“Honey don’t listen to gossip just do your job that’s all, thank you for doing this for me, so when should I expect you?” He asked, quickly cutting her off before she changes her mind.

“the rally ends today so I will leave Abuja tomorrow

. By evening tide I should be with you, send my love to mum

. I love you.” Disconnecting the call.

“So did she agree? ” Adebayo asked, curiosity lacing his voice.

“she did my friend, and I think our plan might just work after all”. David henshaw replied him.

. Adebayo draw in a deep breath , ever since he had spoken with the king about remarrying he knew he has to take matter into his own hand and find a suitable wife for his friend. He knew Alexander has enough matters to worry about, not to add the pressure of going through list of women to decide from.

Adebayo did not know things will fall in place so quickly when he paid his David a visit and he saw the picture of his daughter, now things are moving in the Right direction. When he saw pamilerin’s picture he knew she is the right person for his friend, beautiful, a little bit plump , light skinned tone with a small mole in her chin giving her a stubborn look yet cherubic at the same time.

He carefully asked David about his daughter and he raised his concern to him about how she is overly involved with the women right organization activities without giving thought to getting married, he knew he is in luck. He came up with the temporary secretary position to him , and he loved the idea, especially because it will bring his daughter home closer to him, he jokingly teased him about his daughter being the new wife for their king, just to see how he will react to it, and he was not really against the idea. So he told him to call her about the job.

Now all he needed to do is convince the Alexander, that he really needs a secretary. He knew Alexander will be reluctant about it, seeing how he does not like being caught on aware, but he plans to convince him to see reason.

Thank you David, but I’mafraid I have to take my leave now, let me know once your daughter gets back so I can make proper arrangements for her” David walked him out, after promising him he will let him know once she gets back.

The moment pamilerin ended the call she knew her father had just backed her into a corner, she squeezed her face in deep thought trying to figure out how to back out of the arrangement. But the love she has for her parents especially her father will not allow her to.

She came into the Henshaw’s family at the tender age of six, and ever since they had adopted her, she has being showered with immense love from them, and as years roll by she forgot that she use to be an orphan. She owe them her life and that’s why it is difficult for her not to do everything in her capacity to make them happy.

“I must learn how to say no to him sometimes ” she sighed, drawing her laptop closer. She typed on the search engine to check update about Alexander, she saw the news about the crash that claimed his wife’s life and she wondered how he was still alive with the wreck she saw . She clicked on one of the few pictures of him on Internet, and saw that it was an old picture of him and his beautiful wife, he looks so handsome and happy in the picture, gazing down into her eyes , “wow he is hot for a king..I thought kings are meant to be old” she mused. She searched for a more recent pictures of him and could not find any one taken after the accident.

“I guess he did not go to social events again after the accident,.. Who can blame him” she mutters to herself. Pamilerin saw another picture in which he was alone in it , and felt his piercing eyes as if he is looking directly at her, which was really weird causing a shudder to run through her. She wondered how she will work with him, thinking of the kind of boss and King he is, as she closed the laptop and rearranged the flyers they will use for the evening rally at the women empowerment foundation.

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