Episode 1

“Ekaro Mami…the Oba’s men
are here… they brought a
message from The

“Haaa, hope all is well…
“I hope so Mami, they are
probably here to remind us
about the first moon
light dance where the princess
will chose a personal maid and
two attendant
for herself…

The woman took her wrapper
and tied around her waist
before going outside
to attend to the men.
Remi went to the kitchen and
picked up her water Calabash,
she called her
younger brother to join her so
that they can go to the stream,
she has
wished to hear what the king’s
men came for but she needed
to fetch water
for the house and also for her
grandmother who lives not too
far from them.

One of the king’s chief guard
who has picked interest in her
was among the
men that came to the house,
she wanted to avoid him
seeing her,
Despite he has made his
intentions known to her in the
last festive dance, he
has walked up to her after the

“You are beautiful and you
dance well too, my name is
Leja, I’m the Chief
guard here…

“Thank you Leja, my name is
ilekun, that’s my full name…

“Remi, that’s a beautiful name,
is that your sister…I mean the
girl you came
in with… she’s not much of a
good dancer, maybe you can
teach her…or she
won’t be able to participate in
the next festive dance…

“Her name is Nike, she’s my
step sister…I will teach her,
please don’t
exclude her from the list of
maidian who will dance next

“Alright, I won’t if only you will
teach her to be a good dancer
like you
are…I like you Remi…can I get
to see you tomorrow evening
under the oak
tree close to the market
place…I will be there waiting
for you…

“Sorry Leja, I can’t, I’m not
allowed to keep male friends
for now, Mami
said there’s time for everything
and the time for me to start
keeping male
friends has not come yet…

“Okay Remi, I respect your
wishes, I will patiently wait
until you are ready…

just don’t forget that some one
cares deeply for you and don’t
fail to let me
know if you need anything…

“That’s so kind of you Leja,

Nike has refused to talk with
her on there way home
because of Leja, as
they got closer to the house,
Nike turned to Remi angrily
“Who do you even think you
are, because everyone was
cheering at you at
the dance floor you decided to
go and sell yourself to Leja, I
liked him first
before you but he didn’t even
look at me when I was dancing
rather his eyes
was on you… you know I like
him yet you went there to
s£duce him so that
you can have him… you and
your witch mother plan….

“Shhhh… don’t call Mami a
witch, leave her out of this,
Nike, you can
become a good dancer if only
you can come and practice
with me, I will
teach you some good steps,
and as for Leja… I’m not
interested in him… I
have no interest in him at all, I
have made that known to him
already… you
must not be bitter all the time

They were still talking when
Nike saw her mother coming, it
was a good
opportunity for her to impress
her mother who usually tell
her to attack
Remi, and she should not allow
Remi to win her in anything
Nike suddenly slapped Remi
who was still talking, Remi
held her cheek in
shock, Nike did not stop there
she started raining insultive
words at Remi,
who stood and wondered
what she did wrong.

When Nike mother walked up
to them, Remi was about to
complain to her
about her daughter’s behavior
but the woman hushed her to
keep quiet
“Nike my daughter, can not
just attack you, when she’s not
mad, you and
your witch mother has always
been jealous of me and my
daughter, that
was how she bewitched my
husband and made him to love
her more than
me, is a good thing he ended
up in the grave, the gods
fought for us and
stroke him dead because he
was displeasing me to please
your wicked
mother, let me tell you
something… no matter what
you people do The gods
eyes is on us I will surely win,
Nike Will always be ahead of
you no matter
what..you and your mother
will not succeed. daughter of a

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