Episode 1

MORNING* sweedieeee!!!! Is time for school, ur late already. Mum’s voice flew into my ears, i jst stretch i litle bit and looked @the clock its already 8.03am. What!!!! I exclaimed got up as quick as possible, bumped into the shower and came in less than a minute, i didnt even used the mouth wash. Grabbed ma bags and licenses kissed my mum and then hit the road. Well my name is desire lance, i am a 15 yrs old kid who stays in greenville. Well my school greenville high is jst down the road. My mum always thought i was a dull but heeey i jst hated ma school cos i got bullied everyday, i neva reali saw myself as lucky but hey av got dreams, well @least i didnt realize what dreams meant but as much as i wud love to be a popular don juan who knws how to do a couple of things, i think i jst wanna be a person nobody sees(invisible) cos weird things always happens to me….. Stay tuned as i take u farther into my lifes adventures

I finally got to school in such a hurry, oo….God not again i forgot my lens(eye lens) * the doctor told me if i wanted to see clearly i needed my lenses i thought to my self, things cnt possibly be worst than it already is…. Before i 4get am a high school finalist. I got to my class, shocked to see mrs Queen our english teacher already in class. I thought of goin back home cos i didnt want to start ma day with trouble but theres this part of me that refused 2 bak down “wheeew” lyk a wind i almost flew in when she turned and yelled ma name Desire!!!!! What the hell do you tink your doin???, Omg!! I jst frozed and watch my own heart sinked. This time all attention was on me, i could only wish i had shells to crawl into. Mrs Queen in her ever harsh tune congratulation boy u jst double ur punishment, no go back to your sit after my class your gonna get what you deserve to say i way scared was an understatment. Everybody was jst laffin as usual, i guess am already used to this embarrasment, i heard names lyk clown, nerd, douchbag etc but those aint new to me, finish the she devil finished teaching and was read to sentence me

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