Episode 10

Six years later.

“Chris don’t you dare leave that sweet wrapper on the chair.” Sophia said, as she smacked his chubby hands.

Chris pouted at her and took the liquorice wrapper off the airport chair, as he chewed on the sweet.

She definitely had spoilt Chris rotten, he was chubby, fair and he had dimples. He looked like a cross between her father and his father. His hair was curly brown and his eyes were inherited from her great grandfather. It was a shock to Matthew, Gina and herself when his iris was golden brown.

Later she remembered the pictures of her great grandfather, he was just like this.

Matthew had helped her deliver along with Bianca, his gynaecologist. He was a healthy baby boy and it wasn’t until after the service year ended she went overseas.

Ness wasn’t really happy like Gina was, she felt Sophia was stupid for trying to hide her son’s paternity. She claimed that by now, if she was in her shoes. She’d be a celebrity baby mama, as if she knew.

“I don’t understand why she’s so conservative” she had heard that statement, so many times in the last six years.
She ignored her as usual, her life revolved around Chris, her job, her charity and then God.

She had carved a niche for herself when she started working as a full time employee and she had two degrees from the fashion school in Paris.

She took after Gina, working hard but she still mapped out time for Chris which wasn’t so hard thanks to the flexible time of hours.

She had a nanny from Ghana, her name was Nana. Chris used to joke that her name rhymed with her country. Gina had brought her and the elder woman had been like a mother to her. She helped in caring for Chris and taking care of the house. Nana was a widow with nine children, she had met Gina while she was begging on the streets, her story was horrid. An abusive and aggressive husband with series of mental and sexual abuses from so called helpful neighbours.

It looked like Nana had seen it all, until when the last lover made her lose her pregnancy and she spent a month trying to recover. It was then it got dawned on her that she needed help.

She began begging on the streets, and helping to sell wares when she met Gina.
They had joked on the price of and then they fell into discussion, and Gina resolved to help her. She was brought to the states to help care for Chris while her nine children were sponsored and fed through her salary and Gina’s charity.

“Nana, could you hold Chris, I don’t want him going around here and getting lost.” Sophia said, as the boy ran around with glee. He was becoming too smart for his age and he only listened when there was a punishment. He could talk nineteen to dozen and play all day, leaving both Nana and herself exhausted.

She looked around for familiar faces, Gina and Matthew had promised to pick them up and it was already some minutes later than the fixed time.

“Sophia!” she turned to see her younger brothers, her parents and Gina, Ness, Matthew and many people. She was so shocked to see them.

As she took in the small crowd, tears fell as she hugged her siblings, her mom then she looked anxiously at her dad. He looked better now, the last two years had been tough on him, he suffered a prostate cancer attack. And it wasn’t until the dread end he allowed them to contact her. They were low on funds despite her immediate younger’s brother salary. She had sent the money to operate on him, and although his pride didn’t want it. He wasn’t that heartless to see a crying wife and children everyday.

He disgruntledly revoked his statement of disownership. He was grateful and relieved that he was alive and his near death experience had pushed him to seek God and leave connections.

His friends could not help him and because of his pride and wish to give his daughter in marriage to the chief justice’s son he had driven his daughter away.

He gave her an apologetic look and they hugged, Sophia was so happy, she couldn’t believe he was alive the pictures her brothers had sent her had terrified her. She had gone to see him before he was taken into the theater and she had prayed that God should spare his life. She remembered all the sleepless nights she had as she blamed herself as the cause for his cancer. She had a lot of “if I had” thoughts but know she was glad he was alive just that was enough to make her happy.

“Amaka, how are you? Thank you so much, you’ve been a blessing.” he said wiping his tears, “please forgive me, Amaka, I acted out of pride, I should have stood by you instead of chasing you away.” he said, tearfully, his voice shook with sorrow.

He had chased his only daughter, what if she had ended on the streets? Nne had pleaded with him through the years to forgive his daughter, but the disappointment was a deep blow to his ego.

“Papa, its all in the past. It is alright, you see they say all things work together for good, to them that love God.”

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