Adventures Of Johnny Sky S01

Episode 1

I was just lying down in my house watching sonymax channel on our gotv. smoking gun world dumbest was blaring in the television set, i was not concetrating but yet my eyes were glued to the television set, i had someone call my name but didn’t even bother answering.

Within a short while our door opened and my friend Nze walked in, he lives in my yard too but was much older than me at almost 27 and just graduated from d university, he was short from my own perspective standing at 5″5 in contrast to my 6″9ft freaky tall height.

“John how far na” he blurted out.
“bros am fine oo, how your girl na wetin deh?” i replied

“i came here bcus of her oo i wan make u help me write waec for am she has tried it like 4times now which u know she didn’t make it, please john i need you to help her out” he said almost pleadingly.
“guy so you love that girl too much reach like this?” i teased.

we laughed it off as we normally do other stupid teases we indulge in.
H knew i would do it, i was barely 21 but he saw me as his best friend not minding the age gap between us.

everything was arranged i even got my own uniform and all that. lied to my dad that i was going to my uncle’s house for a while, but i told mum the truth cus i knew she would oblige.

the day to travel arrived and i got my things ready and went down to the lesson center where we registered for the waec exam cus the owner of the lesson center was to provide transportation and accommodation for every student that registered with them.

“See girls choi!!! ” i almost said out loud as i got to the lesson center, girls littered everywhere, some gisting while others were eating snacks , guys were there too but the ratio of girls to guys was 4:1.. its gonna be enjoyment ooo’ i mischievously smiled to myself, bundled myself to a corner and sat down while we all waited for the bus to arrive.

..Continued in next episode..

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