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‘ why will you have change? You and your driver hiked the fare for no reason. No holdup o, but you carried us from Ikotun there to ijegun for #70 instead of #50. I don’t care how you will do it, but you must balance me my #10 to complete my #30 change.’ she said in a very high pitch reflecting anger.

‘ why you know kuku trek am since na just Ikotun there. Dey there they speak English on top #10. You no dey shame, fine girl for nothing’ the conductor shot back.

‘ No worry nau, make we reach bus stop make you know give me my change. Na then you go truly enter market as e be say you don dey mad’ Anu said angrily

Most of the people in the bus burst into laughter, as Anu switched to pidgin without a flinch.

Anu is a very beautiful Yoruba lady of 23. She’s often thought to be an Igbo girl by people. She’s very fair, tall and slim but beautifully endowed at the right places. She lives with her father and younger brother.

Earlier that day

She had left home that morning with the #500 her father had given her to prepare soup. She left home to Ikotun just to look for job. She was lucky enough to see a restaurant that needs a sales girl urgently.


‘Good afternoon ma, Good afternoon ma, please I would like to work for you ma’ Anu said to a very large woman turning a pot of Amala.

‘ ehn, can you work like this?’ the large woman later learnt to be Iya Ramo said looking at her from head to toe, as if checking for where the level of her strength is written.

‘ ma, I can work well ma and you will not regret it if you employ me, this I promise you ma’ Anu replied humbly.

‘ What is your name and do you understand Yoruba?’ the woman asked in pidgin.

‘ I am Anu Joseph, and I am Yoruba ma’ she replied.

‘Well, I don’t think I have a choice now. If not for that stupid girl who refused to show up for work today, I would never have to consider you, with plastic hand to work for me. I will pay you #1000 daily and also give you free lunch daily as well. You must resume work before 9:00 and close by 19:00. You must work diligently else I will curse you.’ Iya Ramo said in Yoruba and stood up immediately from the Amala she was turning.

Anu immediately understood and she sat on the stool Iya Ramo vacated and started turning the Amala.

Anu worked as if her life depended on it, though it was tiring she fired on and on. Her joy knew no bounds when Iya Ramo called her at exactly 14:00 for lunch. She was actually very hungry because all she took since morning was two sausage rolls and three pure water.

She couldn’t bring herself to ask for food all in the bid to convince iya Ramo that she’s hardworking.

She ate two wraps of fufu and a meat, which was dished by iya Ramo. She was actually the one that told iya Ramo that she preferred fufu to Amala.

Fufu will satisfy her better and also last long in her compared to Amala.

She resumed her work after then. At exactly 19:00, she left the restaurant after which her madam has paid her her wages. She was so excited as she continued humming joyfully while walking to the bus park which was just some few miles away.

‘Oh my God, when will I get home nau’ she thought as she saw people standing at the bus stop waiting for the arrival of bus.

A bus arrived almost immediately and the crowd all rushed to enter the bus and Anu joined the struggle also. It was during this struggle that she felt her purse been dragged out of her hand. She withdrew from the bus, in attempt to search for her purse. She looked around but saw no one holding her purse even as some people where still struggling to get into the bus.

She stood transfixed for some minutes until she heard someone say behind her

‘ why you con block road when you no say you never ready enter bus with a loud hiss ‘

Anu located a colvet and sat as she speaks lowly

‘ haaaaaaaa, my money, my hard earned money. God, why did you allow this to happen to me? What I’m I going to tell Baba Anu? I’m left with just #120 out of the #500 Baba Anu gave me for soup. I’m sure dead tonight. Why didn’t I even put the money in my pocket nau? Oh God, who or what will save me tonight?’

She spent almost 20 minutes silently shedding tears as she kept thinking of how unfortunate the day had ended up to be even as no one cared to notice her.


‘ conductor, gimme my change na, abi wetin be all this rubbish now’ Anu said as she was brought out if her thoughts on hearing the conductor calling the bus stops.

‘Babalegba, saints saviours, Ile ibadan…’ the driver continued without answering her

Anu remained silent till she gets to the last bus stop.

She pounced on the conductor immediately the bus stopped. She held on to his clothes demanding her change. People were watching but she cared less, all she wants is her money and she must get it. The conductor had to give her #20 when he knew that Anu wouldn’t let go because of #10 which he didn’t have.

‘mad girl, take make you go. Na Osho free dey do you this night ‘ the conductor insulted.

She didn’t respond since mission one has been completed, her thoughts was now on how she would get home with just #60.

Luckily for her, she met a driver whom she knew and she explained to him. The man allowed her to enter the bus for #60 which was #40 less the amount for Ijegemo down down.

She got home and found out the lantern was still on, indicating the presence of her dad still awake…

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