Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

The husband cleared his throat and brought out an envelope. She collected it curiously and read.

“Jesus! sack letter, what did you do”, tears rose to her eyes.

“I did nothing” he looked up, holding back his tears. “Keji, I was living a good life in the city, working under the best telecom company, then they asked me to join them in embezzling the company’s money which I declined, because I said no they transferred me to this village, not just that, from the post of an executive to ordinary staff, they just crowned it now with a sack letter,” He complained bitterly “Keji my faith has failed me” He wept

“No honey please don’t say that” she started sneezing holding her chest

“What happen to you, you better calm down and don’t trigger that asthma in you I don’t have money for drugs o, I’m just waiting for who will tell me not to renounce my faith, I’m waiting for the motivational speaker that will tell me all these things happening to me is a test of faith” he hissed “Damn!” He slammed the wall.

“Ha! my husband don’t break the house we are managing” she wiped her tears “And I know I’m the motivational speaker you are referring to, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, Nothing will separate us from the love of God”

“Count me out!” He exclaimed, wore his shoes, and walked out angrily.

“God this is too much for me to bear?” She picked her Bible and started praying “Devil you’ve done enough in my life and that of my husband, your time is up, get out! In Jesus’ name! (She cried) I receive my blessings, I receive my Miracles… She began to prophesy

A heavy knock on the door distracted her she stood up reluctantly to open the door.

“Good evening, who are you?”

“I am somebody very important and if I may ask, is this Nelson’s house,” she asked looking at the surroundings disdainfully

“Nelson is my husband, he’s not around now and I hope there’s no problem”

“Oh, Nelson is your husband” she mocked and pushed her away from the door. She walked into the room swiftly and covered her nose “this place smells like a sheet so dirty and disgusting” she scoffed and glared at the pounded yam on the table. “If you don’t mind can I eat with you?, I’m hungry, the journey was so tiring” she yawned.

Keji laughed “You want to eat in a dirty place, not until you tell me, who you are and your purpose” she glared

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